New Ye Song is Not a Banger

Ye released a new song with Fivio Foreign. It sounds tinny like a demo.

The man’s brain has been wasted by that woman.

It’s not just his political output that is garbage now, it’s not just satanic raves and satanic nude costumes.

His creative output is going to be stifled as well.

This is what happens when you let a woman become your mommy.

For better or worse, we all have a mommy already.

You do not need another mommy. I promise you. If you think you need a mommy, you need to get your head straight before you even think about getting with a woman.

The first thing is to understand your own psychology, and understand that you are seeking a mommy. If you think you need a girlfriend/wife to make you happy or to fulfill you, you are seeking mommy. If you ever have any thought like that, you should get a dog and wait until you’ve banished those thoughts before ever thinking about finding a woman.

A woman cannot complete you. That is what you are supposed to do for a woman. The woman is the broken creature that is not whole. A man should be whole.

Women exist for two reasons:

  • Sex, and what logically follows,
  • Producing children

There is no other purpose of a woman.

They are not good at cooking, despite rumors. In fact, they are not really very good at cleaning. They are good at laying on their backs, and they are good at breastfeeding an infant and then watching that the child doesn’t run into the street.

They are not good for anything else, and they are certainly not going to make you whole.

You need to make yourself whole, to learn to live with yourself, to learn to love yourself.

If you go into a relationship with a woman with any other attitude, she is going to suck the life out of you, leave you a broken little boy that could crumble into dust and blow away.

I do like the line in the song: “everyone knows it now.”

Ye did a great thing alerting the world to the Jew issue.

But it’s clearly over now.

Maybe he’ll come back and do something funny again, maybe he’ll make more decent music at some point, but he sold his soul to his new mommy and right now, there is no man left that we can see.

Learn from this, dear reader.

Be a man.

You don’t need a second mommy.

Forgive your one and only mommy for whatever she did to you, and move on as a grown man, free of that neediness and anger that your real mommy left you with.

Then you can think about a wife, which you should want only because you want children.

Don’t give her an inch and expect to be divorced. Set up your money so she can’t get it. Figure out a way to keep the kids. That’s all you can do.

You’ll be the luckiest if she dies during childbirth.