Catalonia: Finally, The People Rise Up Against Asylum Invaders!

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2019

The Catalans have risen. No, not the “independentistas.” They are standing fast with the asylum invaders. But everyone else is against them.

After a series of robberies and sexual assaults committed by “underage” asylum seekers (so-called MENAs), an angry mob gathered around the “refugee” center for unaccompanied “minors” in El Masnou, near Barcelona, where about 50 of them are housed. They demanded that the center be closed.

Police were forced to make a massive deployment to hold back the people’s rage.

The invaders themselves, however, were apparently unintimidated. In this video you see some of them sally forth from the center in an attempt to engage the protesters (and not in Socratic dialogue). The police hold them back. They then mount the roof and jeer at the people below, taunting them with obscenities.

When they’re on the roof, the locals shout “Que salten!” [Jump!]. A voice from a person unseen then says “Vamos a acabar con vosotros. Te lo juro!” [We’re going to put an end to you, I swear it!].

Not shown in the video was another attack on the center later that night. The attackers managed to penetrate the building and injure a few of these unusually sturdy “children.” Four had to be sent to hospital later, although their injuries are described as not serious.

The mayor of El Masnou, Jaume Oliveras, described the mob of locals as having a “fascist character.” Catalan independence parties seem to have come down in favor of the invaders and have organized “anti-racist” rallies in their support.

This video shows one set of pro-invader protesters in the distance. It looks like mostly women and browns. They hold up a sign saying “Don’t use a male chauvinist attack to criminalize a vulnerable group.” They have to be protected by the police against the indignant patriots.

The real mystery is why these eruptions of popular rage aren’t occurring all over Europe.