Racist SUV Plows Into Group of Migrants Outside North Carolina Walmart

I don’t know what you want.

If you put this kind of pressure on people, some of them are going to snap in a big way and start with the big violence.

Others will just become drug addicts or wife-beaters or whatever.

Everyone will be ruined by this society.

There is nothing pure or good in it.

New York Post:

The driver of an SUV appeared to intentionally plow into a group of migrant workers — wounding all six — outside a Walmart in North Carolina Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

The workers were all taken to a nearby hospital with various injuries after 1 p.m., though none of their wounds seemed to be life-threatening, the Lincolnton Police Department said in a news release.

The suspect behind the wheel in what police called an “intentional assault with a vehicle” has yet to be identified and remains at large.

Authorities said they were searching for an “older white male” who took off after ramming the migrants with his car.

He didn’t have anything left to lose, I’m sure.

Or at least, that’s what he felt like.

I’m not yet 40, and it is just unbelievable what these people have taken away from my generation.

Old people have been robbed by these Jews as if by the blacks.

This same thing happened in May of this year.