Catalonian Scumbags Riot in the Streets, Burn Pictures of Spanish King!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

Look at what these animals are doing. They should be shoved into cages.


Thousands of Catalan separatist demonstrators have taken to the streets of Barcelona in protest at a visit by Spain’s King Felipe VI.

Protesters lit a bonfire on a major road and burned pictures of the king. Some banged on kitchen pots and chanted “Catalonia has no king!”.

These are the same people who dug up and desecrated the bodies of interned nuns during the Spanish Civil War – or at least their ideological descendants.

The mini-revolt that they’re throwing now is all about decadence and Judaism. They’ve started off strong by desecrating pictures of the King – but we all know where this will eventually lead because we’ve literally seen it all happen before and these people don’t even try to hide the fact that they’re Antifa activists.

The region has been hit by weeks of protests triggered by the jailing of separatist leaders last month.

The unrest comes days before Spain’s second general election this year.

Sunday’s poll aims to break the stalemate that emerged from the last one in April.

Ahead of the vote, the five main party leaders outlined their positions on the Catalan crisis in a live TV debate on Monday.

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that if his Socialist party were re-elected, he would change the law to make it clear that organising an unsanctioned independence referendum was a serious crime.

The leader of the main opposition People’s Party, Pablo Casado, said he would lead a conservative government “whose legs don’t shake” when it comes to addressing the separatist issue.

Barcelona is doing its thing (again) and the rest of the country is rolling their eyes at them.

I just want to say this: no self-respecting White man will ever serve them or their pathetic wannabe hipster republic. The only republic I will ever support is the Gamer Republic, which isn’t really a Republic at all but a hereditary Monarchy where gainz are passed down from one King to the next.

And we don’t take kindly to competitors.

We’re comin’ for ya, Catalonia.