Catholic Father of 11 Avoids Jail Time Over Protest at Baby Killing Center

Paul Vaughn with his suspiciously undiverse family

These insane new pro-abortion, or abortion defense laws, are designed not only to protect abortionism. They also target a certain kind of person.

These people running the US government (“The Jews”) want religious Christians in prison or living in fear.

Catholic News Agency:

Pro-life activist Paul Vaughn, who was convicted on federal charges for his role in a protest at a Tennessee abortion clinic, has been sentenced to three years of supervised release — but he did not receive prison time or any fines.

The July 2 sentencing stemmed from Vaughn’s conviction of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which imposes penalties for obstructing access to services provided at abortion clinics or pregnancy centers. He was convicted of conspiracy to prevent clinic employees from providing, and patients from receiving, reproductive health services, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

This is like “hate crimes.”

Assault is a normal crime, but if you assault a black person, it becomes a federal hate crime.

Blocking access to a place should not be a federal crime. That is insane.

Prosecutors unsuccessfully sought a one-year prison sentence for Vaughn for a demonstration at an abortion clinic in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, on March 5, 2021. In a statement issued through his attorneys at the Thomas More Society, Vaughn said he planned to appeal the conviction and accused the Department of Justice of misusing the FACE Act to convict pro-life activists.

Remember when they sent a SWAT team at this guy’s home?

“We must stand and fight for what is right; we cannot bow down to the lie,” Vaughn said. “Laws have to be grounded in truth, they have to align with the ultimate lawgiver, who is Christ Our Lord. The false narratives plaguing our nation will fall when we stand up to them. That is what this case is about and I’m ever thankful to have a legal team who understands that truth and who is willing to fight for it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.”

Steve Crampton, who serves as senior counsel at the Thomas More Society and as Vaughn’s attorney, said he is “pleased the judge has shown leniency” to his client but accused President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice of weaponizing the FACE Act “against its ideological opponents.”

“The weaponized and evidence-free charges brought here by the Biden Department of Justice against peaceful pro-lifers should have never been filed,” Crampton said. “The event for which the Biden Department of Justice targeted Paul and his fellow pro-lifers was a peaceful demonstration by entirely peaceable citizens — filled with prayer, hymn-singing, and worship — and oriented toward persuading expecting mothers not to abort their babies.”

Vaughn was one of 11 pro-life activists convicted of FACE Act violations for the demonstration at the Mt. Juliet abortion clinic. One of the activists, Caroline Davis, took a plea deal and testified against her fellow activists — she received three years of probation. The other activists, who did not take plea deals, could face up to 10 and a half years in prison.

The longest sentence was given to Lauren Handy, who received more than four and a half years in prison. Several other activists received more than one year in prison.

Yes, this is serious business.

They will lock you up for serious time under these new laws.

They looked at the pro-life movement, and said “how can we put as many of these people as possible in federal prison?” and the FACE act is what they came up with.

Paul Vaughn can appeal, but it sounds like he is guilty under this federal statute. It is what it is. The feds can just make any law now, and if they say you violated it, you probably did, because the law was made to target you.