CDC: No Such Thing as People Who Refuse the Vaxx, They’re Just “Yet to Receive” It


We need to be sensitive.

One of the biggest problems in our society today is that so many people’s feelings are getting hurt because we’re not sensitive enough.

A lack of sensitivity is indeed the root of our misfortune.

New York Post:

The CDC is going woke with an exhaustive new guide of “inclusive” terms meant to tackle “health equity.”

The Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication suggest new descriptive terms for everyone from smokers, to anti-vaxxers, to criminals, according to a report.

Those who puff on cancer-sticks should no longer be called “smokers,” according to the CDC, but “people who smoke.”

The disabled shouldn’t be referred to as “differently abled,” but simply as “people with disabilities.”

And using the word “homosexual” is out in favor of a variety of alphabet soup terms, including “LGBTQ (or LGBTQIA or LGBTQ+ or LGBTQIA2),” according to the guide.

Even criminals are no longer criminals, but should be called “persons in pre-trial or with charge,” “persons on parole or probation,” or “people in immigration detention facilities.”

The guide even includes favored terms for skeptics of COVID-19 countermeasures.

Instead of saying someone “refuse[s]” the vaccine, medical professionals should simply say a person has “yet to receive” their inoculation. And instead of stating whether some people “do not use PPE,” or personal protective equipment like masks, the preferred term is that someone may have limited access to PPE.

You didn’t refuse.

I didn’t refuse.

We just haven’t accepted yet.

Someday, we will all realize that we love Big Brother.