Celebrating the Hunter Biden Gun Conviction Legitimizes an Illegitimate System

Sometimes, when I think something is really stupid, I just write a joke article, basically assuming the reader is inside my head and understands why I think the thing is stupid. I did that yesterday with the Hunter Biden gun crime conviction.

Probably, my thoughts on this should be elaborated, and I should explain why I think this is so retarded, and why I am so disgusted by Republicans celebrating it as some kind of victory.

Firstly, I want to say that not everyone is celebrating this. There is a lot of gibberish on Fox News and the standard “Jewish conservative” websites like Breitbart.

I was happy I didn’t see a lot of celebration on Twitter.

Congressman Matt Gaetz (one of only two good Congressmen) did the same thing I did, and just called it dumb.

Vivek also had a more in-depth take that I basically agree with.

The first major reason that no right-winger should be celebrating this is that what he was convicted on are blatantly fake laws, obviously totally unconstitutional. He filled out a form saying he was not a drug addict when buying a gun. Making you fill out a form is what we call an “infringement” on a right that shall not be infringed.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF)’s Form 4473 is the bane of all Second Amendment activists, as it is the foothold of the gun control movement, giving the government the ability to regulate the ownership of guns. It also allows the government to track all gun owners.

According to the Bill of Rights, and the obvious intentions of the Founding Fathers, anyone should be able to buy any weapon they want without showing ID, and the government should not be allowed to tell any person they are restricted from owning guns for any reason.

On the current version of the form that is available on the ATF website in PDF form, the specific question that Hunter supposedly feloniously mis-checked actually says that if you are a marijuana user, it’s illegal to own a gun – despite the fact that marijuana is now completely legal in half of US states. It says even medical marijuana users can’t own a gun.

The box on the form
The explanation of the box on the form

Is the government your dad?

There is no serious argument that the government has the right to restrict anyone from owning firearms based on the US Constitution. They just do it anyway. It’s like the First Amendment, where we now know that the government regularly orders social media companies to ban content and specific people. These are very clear and obvious violations of the most basic law of the United States, which is the Bill of Rights, and the government just does it because they can and there is nothing you can do to stop them.

For me, that’s the most important issue. Celebrating anyone being convicted of a law that violates your most basic beliefs in the nature of law and order is ridiculous.

What if Hunter Biden had his kids taken from him because he didn’t want them to be trans? Would people be celebrating that?

Think about it.

However, the point that many other critics of the media hype around this are pushing is that the conviction is a distraction from other crimes committed by the Biden family, as well as a way to make it look like there is equal justice in America, given that it is coming so soon after the bogus Trump conviction.

“This is America, where everyone is convicted on ridiculous, fake nonsense,” says the media.

That’s a fair and maybe an important argument. It seems to be very obviously true, both that they picked a particularly stupid crime to charge Biden with, and that they scheduled it so the verdict would come just days after the Trump verdict.

The Meta Problem

All of the talk about Hunter Biden is a huge distraction made to make it look like the US government is a valid entity, that it has a right to rule the American people, and that it does so (or is capable of doing so) in a lawful way. None of those things are true.

Before the 2020 election, the media and US intelligence officials falsely claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian hoax, and the FBI ordered Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter to cover up the story. In November of that year, it was reported that many Biden voters wouldn’t have voted for Biden if they knew the laptop was real, with 17% of Biden voters saying they would have changed their vote.

That might be interesting. Or whatever. But it doesn’t actually mean anything. The election was fake. If 17% of Biden voters would have stayed home or voted for Trump, Biden still would have “won” the election, because the election was rigged. Making it seem like the laptop is some important fact of the election simply gives credibility to the lie that the election was real.

As we see with the way the ATF form violates the Second Amendment, or the way the FBI (and now the White House) violate the First Amendment, we live in a tyranny. The US government is not a valid entity. It is an illegitimate gang, which does not have valid sovereignty over the citizenry of this country, and only rules through the threat of violence.

Elections are simply a convenient scam to transfer blame for the actions of the government onto the people by claiming that they consented to be ruled. Frankly, I’ve concluded this is true.

It’s funny. I remember as a teenager being a Marilyn Manson fan. I was never a mega-fan, and not really a metal fan in general, but (as you might expect) I respected the way he purposefully provoked people and defended freedom of speech.

(I’m sure a lot of readers will take issue with me defending Marilyn Manson. For the record, I don’t support the satanic imagery he used, but I also don’t think it was intended to be serious. I was frankly a bit hurt that he didn’t come to my defense in 2017 when the hammer came down on me and it was the number one news story in America.)

MTV used to push a Democrat-backed “Rock the Vote” organization that encouraged musicians to tell young people to vote. In reference to the 2000 election, I recalled Manson saying something along the lines of: “No, I don’t encourage voting. ‘Rock the vote’? How about ‘fuck the vote.'” I couldn’t find the quote online, but I did find this very wise quote from the shock rocker: “I don’t vote because I don’t believe that it’s a legitimate system anymore or if it ever was, so I just try and insert my beliefs on politics in music because I think that speaks to the youth which will be the future.”

I have officially endorsed not voting at all, not only because it gives the political system legitimacy. More recently, it has also occurred to me that voting has a spiritual dimension, where you are engaging in a metaphysical act signing over your sovereignty to this illegitimate entity.

I am not an anarchist, and I do believe in the concept of government. I am not even necessarily against all forms of voting, I am simply noting that if you are voting in America in 2024, you are knowingly engaging with a demonstrably illegitimate entity as if it had legitimacy, which is a form of insanity.

I would have voted in the Russian election, because every candidate represented at least an attempt to do what is best for the Russian people. And they were all Christians. It was in defense of freedom and the legitimacy of the Russian system that Alexi Navalny was arrested and prevented from running. If he had been on the ballot, he would not have gotten even 10% of the vote, but you would have had a situation where a foreign agent with the explicitly stated purpose of destroying the country and handing it over to alien entities to be cannibalized was being treated as a legitimate part of the system, which would in turn de-legitimize the entire system.

Foreign agents seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the people of a country are criminals by definition and any system that knowingly allows them to participate in the system is illegitimate. Any system that allows this at all will ultimately become what the government of America is: a total farce, which only exists to extract resources from the population for the use of private and foreign parties.

AIPAC openly brags about its control of the American political system.

The 2024 US election is now entirely about who is capable of best serving Israel.

Even if the votes counted, you would be choosing between two candidates who have sworn allegiance to a foreign country.

What both Biden and Trump have done while serving as president – putting the interests of a foreign country (as well as innumerable private special interest groups) before the interests of the American people at large – should be a crime. Both these men should be in prison.

Trump was already president once. Remember that? Did he make America great again? Did he make any significant changes to anything at all? It’s easy to say “well, he couldn’t do anything.” But doesn’t that just further prove the point?

There is nothing to be gained by engaging with this system, and there is nothing to be lost by refusing to engage with it. There could well be something to be gained by simply dismissing the whole thing, establishing that your allegiance is to God and that this godless government has no right to rule you, and that the only reason you cooperate with it at all is to prevent being killed or thrown in a cage.

A movement that rejects the entire premise that the US government is a legitimate entity with a right to tell us what to do is already brewing – on both the right and the left. Communism collapsed first and foremost because people lost faith in the legitimacy of the system. I was recently reading about the disintegration of the Eastern Bloc. These were largely peaceful revolutions in the late 1980s where people came together and said that they did not respect the authority of the government and would no longer cooperate with it. It is simply an obvious fact that the communist governments of the DDR, Hungary, or Romania were more legitimate than the current government of the United States, and yet refusal to cooperate led to their downfall. (The systems that replaced them ultimately ended up being much worse, but that is another issue altogether. It’s also probably important to note that the situation in the USSR was different, and maintained large support from the public, and was sold out from the top down.)

People have lived in worse days than these. People have lived in better days that these. But things always change. All signs show that we are at an inflection point.

The first step in ending the tyranny of the US government is for people to stop recognizing it as legitimate. By voting, you are making a legal declaration that you recognize the legitimacy of this government. No one knows what the future holds, but if something can’t go on forever, then at some point it will end. This system cannot go on forever. The fewer people that acknowledge its legitimacy, the closer we are to freeing ourselves from the clutches of this beast.

To be clear: I intend for what I am saying here to be a message of hope. I am not telling you to “give up” on anything other than a system that you would have to be deranged to have any faith in at all. I am not telling you to give up on America, on the people, on your friends and your family. I am certainly not telling you to give up yourself.

I am telling you that “the lesser of two evils” is still evil. I am telling you we deserve something better than a lesser evil. I am telling you the first step to freeing ourselves from evil is to believe it is possible. I am telling you that a better future is not only possible, but inevitable.