Zelensky Says Everyone is Dead, Doesn’t Want to Do War Anymore

Pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to say this.

Or maybe the Europeans bullied him into saying it and made sure it didn’t get run by the Americans?

Americans are saying they want this war to last for at least ten more years.


A settlement plan to end the Russia-Ukraine conflict should be tabled within the next few months, Vladimir Zelensky has said, claiming Kiev does not actually seek to prolong hostilities for years to come.

He made the remarks on Thursday during a joint press conference with European Council President Charles Michel. Zelensky had traveled to Brussels to sign a security deal with the European Union guaranteeing defense assistance to Kiev, including weapons deliveries and training.

Zelensky used the opportunity to claim that he is not actually seeking to prolong hostilities for years to come.

“Ukraine does not want to prolong the war. We do not want it to last for years,” Zelensky stated, making a rare remark on the extent of damage and casualties suffered during the two and a half-year-long conflict.

“We have many wounded and killed on the battlefield. We must put a settlement plan on the table within a few months,” he added without providing any exact figures.

Is he saying, like “we need to quit it with this stupid shit of ‘peace summits’ where Russia isn’t there and we demand unconditional surrender”?

You don’t really think of Zelensky as anything other than this drug addict puppet of the US, but he’s a human (Jew, actually), and this whole thing is probably pretty stressful. Now he’s got all these people trying to kill him all the time.

He’s probably pretty sick of the whole thing. This is a comedian, who lived until the age of 40 as a comedian, then all of a sudden he’s the figurehead of a global war against Russia, where he’s responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead and people are trying to kill him and he’s forced to go out and say the most ridiculous shit ever.

It must be stressful.

He’s got billions upon billions safe in offshore accounts already. He must be asking “what is the point?”