Censorious Fatboy Elon Musk Says He’ll Remove “Block” Button, Aggros on James Woods

Elon Musk has announced that he’s going to remove the block function from Twitter. This is another part of his devious plan to silence freedom of speech.

Ostensibly, this is to prevent people from blocking ads (which are inserted as actual tweets, which means they are not blocked by browser adblock add-ons). People download lists of advertising accounts to block so they don’t have to see whatever crap.

But clearly, it is more diabolical than that.

First, people get mobbed on Twitter all the time, and this leads to people self-censoring. Being the victim of a mob of attackers in your replies has an extreme effect on a lot of people, and they will just shut up.

Second, the original reason that Twitter began censoring was that they said people were harassing other people with mobs. Without the block button available, Jews can create their own “anti-Semitic” mobs to harass Jews, who then complain and get people banned.

Third, despite Elon’s promises of “free speech,” he has continued to allow mobs to get people banned. One reason that right-wing people do mass-blocking is so the blocked can’t go to their page and mass report them.

Removing the block feature is a bizarre decision, and clearly designed to further limit freedom of speech on the platform.

That said, Elon no longer needs schemes to come up with excuses to ban people – he is mass banning right-wing accounts already, no longer talking about freedom of speech, and generally behaving even worse than the Dorsey administration.

Hollywood actor James Woods complained about this diabolical plan. Elon told him to delete his account if he doesn’t like it.

Very adult behavior there, targeted at one of the most popular right-wing accounts on the platform.

Shortly after this exchange, Elon blocked James Woods.

Catturd was also complaining about the planned removal of the block button… and he was also blocked by Elon Musk.

I don’t know if this was supposed to be a joke or what.

Ultimately, he probably won’t remove the block button, because it is required by the app store that social media apps do something to “prevent harassment.”

In a vacuum, removing the block button wouldn’t be that big of a deal. If he had removed the ability of mobs of people to mass-report and get accounts suspended, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all, at least to me. When I was on Twitter, I never blocked anyone. And I don’t mind the ads.

But everything Elon does shows that he is both incompetent and malicious.

I would have some respect if he said “I have to ban some people because the company needs the ad money” or “I’m removing the block button because the company needs the ad money.” But everything he says is stupid and his memes are not funny.

Also, trying to rename the site “X” is so retarded, it’s difficult to even comprehend. This is not a good name for a site, for one thing, and for another thing, the brand is what he paid all that money for.

He sucks and he should retire.