Sleazy Shitbag Elon Musk Falsely Claims Journalists Have Freedom on Twitter

The sleazy shitbag Elon Musk, who is fat and has tits, claimed this week that journalists who want more freedom to write should publish on Twitter.

It’s not clear if this is a joke.

Musk, who has a swollen, moon-like face, has banned huge numbers of people for making political statements. At first, it seemed it was just Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes – who are both commentators, and therefore journalists of a sort – but now Elon is just banning whoever.

It’s sickening that he is continuing to make these claims about “freedom” while no longer even really pretending that the site supports freedom of speech. He stopped saying there will be no permanent bans, he stopped saying all legal speech was allowed, he stopped saying there would be transparency as to the banning process (neither Anglin nor Fuentes were told why they were banned).

But he’s now claiming that journalists will have “more freedom” on Twitter?

More freedom than what?

Certainly not more freedom than Substack!

Not more freedom than Rumble!

Elon should have said “I want to make Twitter about 7% freer than it currently is” when he bought it!

Right now, everyone is starting to wonder what the point of this platform is.

The people from Rumble should launch a competitor. Vivek Ramaswamy should start one. Elon Musk deserves to be left destitute for what he has done to the internet.

He should also be deported to South Africa.