China Finds “Gel-Like” Substance with “Unusual Color” on Moon’s Dark Side, Cigar-Shaped UFO Sightings Spreading

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

Yutu-2 pictured by the Chang’e-4 probe.

Is the Moon…

  • Alive?
  • A spaceship?
  • Hollow?
  • All of the above?

Thanks to the Chinese, we may find some answers soon enough.

Daily Star:

Yutu-2, the autonomous rover launched from China’s Chang’e-4, has sent back photographs of a bizarre ‘gel like’ substance on the surface of the Moon during its exploration of the rarely-photographed far side.

The discovery was made on July 28, but details are only now beginning to emerge from the Beijing Aerospace Control Centre.

The Chang’e-4 team was preparing to power down the robot rover as part of a regular ‘nap’ to protect its electronics from the harsh radiation and high temperatures while the Sun was directly overhead.

As they did so, one of the supervising scientists spotted a small crater that seemed to have a strangely shiny appearance.

So far, mission scientists haven’t been able to determine what the substance is. All the information that has so far been released says that it is “gel-like” and has an “unusual colour”.

The surface of the Moon is a near-vacuum, and temperatures can reach 260 degrees Fahrenheit (127 degrees Celsius).

There is no known substance that can remain a gel under these kinds of conditions.

No known substance that can remain a gel under those conditions you say?

That can only mean one thing.

Everything’s about aliens.

They are coming. This time, they really are.

Daily Star:

A former US Marine believes the cigar-shaped UFOs that have been spotted across the country in recent months could be something “beyond a classified military programme”.

The mysterious objects – which often appear long, thin and shaped like a snake – first came to light back in June when a YouTuber spotted a strange light above the Mojave Desert in California.

Soon, UFO hunters flooded the internet with their own videos of the strange “crafts”, from one being spotted during a meteor shower in Wyoming to another apparently “moving like it was alive” over New York.

Nick Karnaze, an ex-United States Marine Corps soldier who served in Afghanistan as an Intel Officer, has now told this site that the objects have been seen across the Earth.

Nick Karnaze

Nick recently travelled around the world with other investigators on a mission to collect evidence to prove aliens have been in contact with Earth.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Star Online, Nick said: “It’s interesting because if we’re assuming that this could be a potentially classified government programme you’d expect it to be that those types of objects are restricted to certain areas.

“But now that we have reports from various countries across the globe of witnesses seeing similar objects.

“For me, it indicates something potentially beyond a classified programme because, again, in the military community you’re only going to be testing those classified programmes in certain areas.”

Yes, aliens are coming to Earth and just chilling in the sky, all across the planet, just flexing showing off their cool spaceships to the goyim.

Cigar-shaped UFO.

Sure, you can call these things “cigar-shaped UFOs,” but you can also call them exclamation points in the sky.


How explicit do we need warnings to be?

If anything is making contact, the contact is clearly a warning of some kind.

The fight for the fate of Earth is at the brink of a turning point.

We must kick it up a notch and fight smarter and harder.

We have been warned.