China: Government Starts Phasing Out American Processors, Operating Systems on Government Computers

China has been moving towards digital independence for a while now, with it having been stated as a main goal of the country.

It looks like they’re finally making big steps to phase out American software and hardware, for the sake of their own security.

It was never safe for the Chinese to rely on Western tech companies for their survival.

Nordic Times:

China has issued new national guidelines that will phase out U.S. Intel and AMD chips from government computers and servers. The guidelines will also include Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The new guidelines require government agencies above the local level to include criteria that require “secure and reliable” processors and operating systems when making purchases, which they say does not include American processors. The new guidelines mean that chips from Intel and AMD, for example, will no longer be considered secure in China, according to the Financial Times.

The guidelines also restrict the use of Microsoft’s Windows and other foreign operating systems. Apple, for example, has already been banned from several Chinese government agencies and state-owned enterprises.

China’s Ministry of Industry issued a statement in late December with three separate lists of processors, operating systems and central databases that are considered “secure” for three years from the date of publication. All were from Chinese companies, Reuters reports. Among other things, China has built computers with its own Loongson 3A6000 chip, which is said to be at least as good as Intel’s.

The chips work.

They will end up being better than Western chips. After all, the Western companies that make the chips are really all Chinese companies, based much more in Taiwan than in California.

Intel is supposedly expanding American production. But it’s with money from the government, so it’s a virtual certainty that it is all going to hiring blacks and training whites that they are evil. There will also, of course, be pronoun lessons.

Diversity is not cheap. With a mere $8.5 billion, it’s unlikely they will actually get around to making any chips.