The Ukraine to Dismantle “Sponsors of War” Blacklist After Backlash

Are we looking at the development of a softer, less whiny Ukraine?


Ukraine could dismantle within days its “sponsors of war” blacklist, central to Kyiv’s campaign to expose companies doing business with Russia, after a backlash from countries including China and France, two people familiar with the matter said.

The people said Ukraine could, as soon as Friday, scrap not only the list, but a related website that gives detailed information about individuals under Western sanctions, companies and the origin of Russian weapons parts.

The “related website” is “Myrotvorets,” a literal kill list. They assassinate or do terrorist bombings against people on it.

They claim it’s not a “kill list,” just an “enemies list,” but they don’t ever explain the purpose of putting people like Elon Musk (now removed), Roger Waters, and Tucker Carlson on the list. It’s just obviously a kill list, and they kill people on it. Maybe they don’t believe Waters is going to be killed, but it’s meant to intimidate him.

The blacklist has no legal standing, but has been an embarrassment for around 50 major companies singled out for operating in Russia and helping the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine by, for instance, paying taxes.

The demise of the name-and-shame campaign, if it happens, would be indicative of how Kyiv may have to soften its stance as it becomes harder to maintain global support for its war effort more than two years into the full-scale invasion.

Even European cowards are making statements about how exhausted they are by the entitled whining of the Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, the war situation keeps getting worse for them, as the US continues to talk about this bill that won’t really do anything.

“It’s China, but not only China,” said one person with direct knowledge of the matter, also alluding to pressure from France to remove retailer Auchan and Leroy Merlin, a home improvement and gardening retailer, from the list.

Beijing, a major consumer of Ukrainian grain, demanded in February that Kyiv remove 14 Chinese companies from the list to “eliminate negative impacts”.

Though China is seen as an ally of Russia, Kyiv has said it hopes the world’s second largest economy will take part in a summit of world leaders this spring to advance President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s vision of peace.

The second source said that Austria, China, France and Hungary had all exerted pressure on Kyiv over the list, adding that it could be taken down from the internet within days.

A third person said that there was frustration with Ukraine for singling out companies from countries that supported Kyiv.

They don’t care if you support them. The Jews in Kiev all act like women, and many of these government officials are actually women. The sentiment is the classic “but what have you done for me lately?”

They just whine constantly, make demands, lash out, then whine more. They believe the whole world owes them.