China Mocks Fat Retard Elon Musk for Needing Subsidies to Make Overpriced Crap EVs

Cooler, better and cheaper than a Tesla. But Joe Brandon won’t allow you to buy one, because that would be against democracy.

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China sells EVs for $10,000. It’s a good thing for that fat retard Elon Musk that the Biden administration has banned them from America.

It’s so funny the Chinese are making fun of that fat slob for needing government subsidies to make his crap cars he sells for $90,000.


China’s electric vehicle companies do not rely on subsidies to gain a competitive advantage and accusations by the U.S. and Europe of “overcapacity” are groundless, Commerce Minister Wang Wentao said on Sunday in Paris.

Wang made the remarks at a roundtable meeting of Chinese firms in Paris, where he is set to discuss China’s exports of EVs into the European market among other things.

China’s electric vehicle companies rely on continuous technological innovation, perfect production and supply chain system and full market competition for rapid development, not relying on subsidies to gain competitive advantage,” Wang said.

“The United States and Europe and other accusations of “overcapacity” are groundless.”

These claims are not only groundless, but insane.

There is something called “the market.” If China was making too many cars, they would start making fewer cars, because they wouldn’t be selling the ones they are making. If they are selling the ones they are making, they will keep making more.

The US going to China and demanding they stop producing and selling so many products is the epitome of American-Jewish self-righteousness.

I still can’t even process the fact that this Jew bitch Yellen went to China and said “for your own good, you should stop selling so many products, because it will be bad for your economy if you make too much money.”

Did American Jews think the Chinese would say “oh yeah, sure, that makes sense – we’ll stop making so much money in order to help our economy. Thanks for that great advice, Jew”?