After Decimating America, Boomers Fleeing to Mexico

Jym and Renee Varnadore.

Boomers are in many ways worse than the Jews. At least the Jews care about their own children.

Boomers destroyed the civilization their ancestors left them in order to ensure their children would have nothing. Now we see these people escaping the sinking ship they sabotaged.

They’ve been going to Costa Rica for decades, and now they’re invading Mexico.

The Guardian:

Don’t call Jym Varnadore an ex-pat.

Yes, he and his wife, Renee Varnadore, are living abroad. But they left the United States in search of a quality of life that’s no longer in reach for them stateside. Now, the clear blue waters of Rosarito Beach are quickly becoming home.

What happened to the quality of life, boomer???

It was there when you were a kid! Your own parents left it for you!

What happened to it??? Where did it go???

Their condo is just the right size for two. It’s intimate but not without its luxuries, like a huge bathtub with jacuzzi jets. Then there’s their balcony, overlooking a world of ocean that bleeds into the horizon. It’s a view reserved for millionaires and billionaires in the US, but not here.

“We are immigrants. And I think it’s disingenuous to call us anything else,” Jym said. “When I decided that I wanted to move out of the US, it was eyes wide open with that word in mind. I am an immigrant.”

If the Varnadores’ life in Mexico is a choice, they say that moving away from San Diego wasn’t. Jym had been working his way through biweekly bill payments when he decided to check in on his 401(k) and social security. As he started crunching the numbers, he found that – after retirement in a matter of years – they would be able to afford either groceries or the mortgage on their condo, but not both.

His epiphany coincided with the 2016 presidential election, a political train wreck that had also been bothering Jym. But when he called Renee over to talk, the question he posed was first and foremost about financial planning.

They had two options, he told her: stay in San Diego and substantially lower their standard of living, or leave the city she had resided in for most of her life.

“We’re gonna move,” Renee said, without missing a beat.

Yes, luxury above all else.

Materialism first.

“Fuck these kids.”

So they started scouring the US for a new home – maybe Oregon, or northern California, or Seattle. Renee would look up real estate prices online, and often, they’d go scout especially promising locations in person. They even visited Hawaii – another place mainlanders flock to, not without controversy – and found a potential property there, but the cost ended up being much the same as their expenses in San Diego, defeating the purpose.

One day, Renee came to Jym, despondent. The only places they could afford long-term in the US either had terrible weather, terrible politics or – she felt – no culture.

It was time to start thinking beyond the US’s all-too-limiting borders. Soon, they were looking south.

Yes, of course.

They flooded America with all of these Mexicans – it says right there they are Democrats who hate Donald Trump – and now Mexico is a much better country than America.

Because of the lunatic policies of the boomers, Mexico was able to just dump all of its poor people and its criminals into the United States, and now it’s basically a paradise.

Most Americans aren’t even aware of this. Mexico is a fantastic country now. It’s 100x better than America. They don’t have any of the problems America has, because they deliberately exported all those problems to America.

I don’t think you can blame the Mexicans for doing that. If Mexico started saying they wanted all of America’s blacks, all their junkies, all of their drunk drivers and perverts, I would certainly support sending all those people to Mexico.

Americans – boomers, specifically – were demanding that all of the trash from Mexico pour across our border. Why would Mexico deny them this? Every country has a duty to support their own interests, and dumping your poor and your criminals into another country is definitely very much in your country’s interests.

I don’t think anyone knows how many of these boomers are in Mexico right now, but Costa Rica is a boomer paradise, with some cities having a majority white American boomers. More and more are fleeing the disaster they created.

They should really be held accountable. They should be hunted and put to Nuremberg style trials.

There should be justice.