Repulsive Jew Terrorist Yellen Tells Chinese That Making Less Money Would be Good for Their Economy

The US moved all of its manufacturing to China to save a few pennies in the short term while gutting its own economy in the medium term (the long term was not even considered).

Now, they’re shocked – shocked I tell you – that China now has the biggest production base in the world.


U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that concerns are growing over the global economic fallout from China’s excess manufacturing capacity, making the issue the main focus of four days of economic meetings with Chinese officials.

China is too large to export its way to rapid growth and would benefit by reducing excess industrial capacity which is pressuring other economies, Yellen said in remarks to an audience of about 40 representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou.

Wait, what?

It would be good for China to… surrender manufacturing capacity to other countries?

Bitch, the Chinese know you’re Jewish. The Chinese have university courses and public television documentaries about how Jews run America. They’re not falling for these sorts of tricks.

Overcapacity isn’t a new problem, but it has intensified, and we’re seeing emerging risks in new sectors,” Yellen said in China’s southern export hub of Guangzhou, where she met with Vice Premier He Lifeng and Guangdong Province Governor Wang Weizhong.

Yellen and other Biden administration officials are growing increasingly concerned about China’s overproduction of electric vehicles, solar panels, semiconductors and other goods that are flooding into global markets in the face of a demand slump in China’s domestic market.

What are they concerned about?

The bitch said she’s concerned about the Chinese?

She said producing less will benefit them somehow – but it also will benefit the United States?

This is a win-win in a zero sum game? I’m no math genius, but that sure sounds like a Jew scam.

She said that this is not healthy for China and is hurting producers in other countries, urging Beijing to shift away from state-driven investment and return to the market-oriented reforms that fueled growth in past decades.

Chinese state media have pushed back against Yellen’s excess capacity message, saying it was an example of a double standard.

While it is just basic economics that surplus products naturally seek out markets elsewhere once domestic demand is met, and Western nations have been doing that for centuries, when it comes to China, it becomes an ‘overcapacity problem’ threatening the world,” the China Daily said.

Yeah, this isn’t exactly complicated.

Other markets want Chinese goods. No one wants American goods, because it’s all trash. Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD is a better company than Tesla, and it produces cars cheaper. They don’t explode like Teslas and they look cooler.

Frankly, the interiors are much nicer as well. Tesla is supposed to be a luxury car, and the interior makes you feel like you’re in a $15,000 Kia.

China is burying the world in high quality products at reasonable prices while the US goes around like an unhinged crack-smoking Haitian nigger threatening to murder everyone.

It’s a terrible strategy, to respond to Chinese economic superiority with endless threats of war. Eventually – and probably very soon – the fact that the US does not have a meaningful production base will destroy their ability to make war.

This Jew bitch telling Chinese to “slow down” and saying it will be good for them to make less money is the most offensive thing I’ve seen from the Jews since all those child murders in Palestine. The sheer nerve of these Jews is mind-boggling.

But never mind all of that.

Just keep listening to brain dead propaganda about how China is going to collapse because of their housing crisis and how they have a “demographic timebomb” because they refuse to replace their population with immigrants.