China’s COMAC Upstages Boeing and Airbus at Airshow, Sparks Interest from Everyone

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It’s a simple reality of IQ that China is going to dominate every single industry once dominated by the United States.

Boeing is the most ridiculous example of this happening, because they are literally setting goals to replace huge swaths of their work force with negroes.

Go look at their 2023 diversity report.

They are saying they want 20% of the engineers to be negroes. The staff is already more than a quarter female. They are aggressively putting this into practice, really like no other company, and doors are flying off, wings are coming apart in the air.

Chinese people are not going to replace the staff of their leading aerospace companies with black people and women, and therefore, as an absolute matter of basic reality, China is going to be producing much better products.


Chinese state-owned planemaker COMAC upstaged industry leaders Airbus and Boeing at the Singapore Airshow this week, showing off its self-developed C919 and ARJ21 jets as it pursues international certifications and foreign orders.

A reliable new choice,” proclaimed an advertisement on COMAC’s large booth in the centre of the show’s event hall.

Aviation, government and investment professionals thronged to its display, demonstrating the keen interest from trade delegates in learning more about a company with limited public engagement outside its home market to date.

The C919, a rival to the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo family single-aisle jets, flew for the first time outside Chinese territory. Show attendees said they saw it as a opportunistic coming out for COMAC, which took centre stage with a 50-plane order from China’s Tibet Airlines on Tuesday.

COMAC was able to seize a moment when the two dominant Western planemakers are dealing with supply chain issues that have frustrated airline customers and Boeing is wrestling with a series of crises, including a mid-air panel blow-out in January.

In ten years, no one with any sense will be willing to get on a Boeing jet. Companies all over the world will be advertising that they’ve replaced their fleets with Chinese jets.

It is a staggering, shocking reality that the people who push this diversity stuff actually believe in it, and actually think that affirmative action blacks and women can build and maintain jets. But this is part of the insanity.

It’s windmills, it’s trannies, it’s the secret racist police conspiracy. It’s all part of the mega-hoax.

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Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this report.