Nvidia Says They’re About to Get BTFO by Huawei

Nvidia is technically an “American company.” But the CEO is Chinese, and all the factories are in China.

Western style multiculturalism is always retarded and dangerous, because when you hire foreigners to work in your government, you are always running a very serious risk that these people are loyal to their own people instead of your country that gave them a piece of paper saying they’re now you.

Nvidia Chief Executive and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang (true American, totally loyal to gay anal globalism)

This becomes especially ridiculous with the Chinese, because Chinese are the single most ethnocentric people on the planet. For example, the CIA admits it’s impossible to have on-the-ground intelligence in China, because every spy they hire ends up being a double agent.

Allowing Nvidia, which is now arguably the single most important company in the world because it is necessary to run AI, to be run by an “American Chinaman” who runs his factories in China is just confusingly irresponsible.

Huawei can go in these factories. They don’t have to reverse engineer the chips, they have total access to the way they are built. What’s more, I don’t think any serious person would be surprised if research and development files from California are being transferred to China by ethnic Chinaman who care a lot more about China than they do about forced rimjobs (democracy).

(For the record, though it is less relevant, the situation is exactly the same for AMD, an “American company” run by Chinese with all of their factories in China.)


Nvidia identified Huawei as a top competitor in several categories, including artificial intelligence chips, for the first time in a filing with the Securities and Exchange commission late Wednesday.

The Santa Clara, California-based company said that China’s Huawei competes in supplying chips designed for artificial intelligence such as graphics processing units (GPUs), central processing units (CPUs) and networking chips. The company also identified Huawei as a cloud service company designing its own hardware and software to improve AI computing.

Other rivals pointed out by Nvidia include Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, Broadcom and Qualcomm. The chip company also identified several large cloud computing companies such as Amazon.com and Microsoft.

Intel is not a competitor. Sorry. Intel never even tried to make GPUs, and now their processors are arguably worse than AMD’s. Intel, like Apple or Tesla, is an example of an American tech company jerking itself off into total irrelevance in the long term (or even the medium term).

China is winning on every single economic and technological front. I’ve been saying this for years, but the media is finally admitting it. They just scarfed up Boeing’s lunch this week as well.

See: China’s COMAC Upstages Boeing and Airbus at Airshow, Sparks Interest From Everyone

No one is telling you that Huawei’s current phones beat Samsung’s by every metric. Just search “Huawei beats Samsung.” There is now nothing at all that Samsung does better than Huawei.

Anti-Sino shills will whine about how “China just copies white people’s technology!”

Okay, faggot. So what? They’re winning. They are making better technology than white people, because white people are replacing white men with blacks and women.

China never made a claim that they respect copyright or patent law. They’re not cheating. They just don’t have those laws, they never have, and they don’t believe they are valid. The Americans knew this when they made all these deals with China in the 1990s.

For the record, I am philosophically a pirate, and I agree with the Chinese that copyright/patent does nothing but stifle creativity and progress. (Yes, I’m aware that it’s the only law that is explicitly enumerated in the US Constitution. I don’t care. Long live piracy.)

The obvious thing here that no one wants to say is that in the event of the war with China that the Biden Administration is pushing for, China could just ban the export of chips. Nvidia could be nationalized by China. You might end up with Huang Jen-Hsun in Beijing giving a speech about how he will remain CEO of the now Chinese company.

GPU technology is developing so fast that losing 2-3 generations against China would be an absolute disaster, and would simply decimate America and the West.

There are so many different scenarios like that with relation to a war with China that this obsession that the Democrats and Republicans have with starting a war with them proves that these people are simply stupid. These Washington people are money-grubbing, evil people, but first and foremost, they are stupid.

This is to say: the competency crisis reaches to the highest levels of American society.

Why I Shill for China So Hard

I shill anyone who opposes gay sex.

That one sentence is really the full explanation.

Here’s a map I made:

The normalization of gay anal sex is the exclusive defining factor in whether a nation is with the good guys or the bad guys.

Obviously, there are edge cases. Egypt and Saudi are, currently, still US-controlled states that do not allow anal, and the South Africans do allow anal but are trying to ban it. But in 98% of cases, the status of gay anal defines the nation.

There is virtually a 100% overlap between states with an overwhelming Jewish dominance of the financial system and media, and states that celebrate gay anal. So, that is arguably the real problem: submission to Anal Law is a submission to Talmudic Law.

I support anyone who’s against it, and I always will, and I will not apologize.

Conservatives who whine about China are fat retards who understand absolutely nothing about geopolitics.