Chinese Delegation Visits Taiwan, Warm Reception, Happy Times, Barely a Dozen Protesters

I think even some of my anti-US government readers think I’m exaggerating or trolling when I say that the opposition to reunification in Taiwan is now a tiny astroturfed group of dumb whores and homosexual extremists. However, I am being perfectly straightforward with you.

The basic fact is this: Chinese people care about money and doing business. They don’t care about abstract Western ideals of “democracy.” In fact, they do not even grasp these concepts.

If they appeared to grasp them historically, it’s because the island of Taiwan, under US occupation, was previously much better off economically than mainland China, and therefore it was financially advantageous for the people of Taiwan to oppose reunification. Now, the US government is asking the Taiwanese to go to war with China while also making massive financial sacrifices by not doing business with the now very rich mainland.

Insofar as there are nationalists in Taiwan, those people have flipped as well, because Beijing is now ultranationalist. Chiang Kai-shek’s party, the KMT, is now the party calling for reunification, because opposition to Beijing is looked at as anti-nationalist. Aside from that, nationalism is typically associated with traditional values, and the US occupation is pushing gay sex and vaginal dominance.

The US successfully created an extremist anti-Russian force in the Ukraine, but that has not been mirrored in Taiwan, and it won’t be. There is no serious resistance to reunification in Taiwan, at all, and there is very serious energy behind those resisting the US agenda for stupid, pointless war.

Part of this might also be that the people of Taiwan are not stupid field peasants like the Ukrainians, and they are able to read and understand what is going on. They can look at the situation the Ukraine is now in and say “why would we want to do that for the US? What do we have to gain here?”

Regardless, you can just look at what is happening in Taiwan and see that no one is on board with Uncle Sam’s bloody massacre agenda.

The Guardian:

A Chinese government delegation has visited Taiwan for the first time since the start of the pandemic, sparking some partisan tension on the island over cross-strait interactions as Beijing reiterated its intentions to annex it.

The delegation of six officials, including the deputy head of the Shanghai office of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Li Xiaodong, arrived in Taipei with plans to visit the Lantern festival and hold talks with local officials. They were invited by the city government, led by mayor Chiang Wan-an, of the opposition Kuomintang party (KMT).

The group arrived on Saturday, and were quickly driven away without answering questions from gathered reporters, local media said. Around a dozen pro-Taiwan independence supporters protested against their arrival outside the airport, shouting “Taiwan and China, separate countries” and “Chinese people, get out”, while on the airport road another small group of pro-China supporters shouted their welcome.

If you only have a dozen protesters, then you’re not really succeeding in paying people to protest.

I’m sure the US forces offered cash to a lot more than a dozen people, and yet only a dozen showed up.

Meanwhile, the pro-Chinese forces mustered a very big protest when Nancy Pelosi visited the island (despite the fact that instead of getting an envelope full of cash, they could be targeted by the US occupation government).

So, I mean: figure it out.

It’s not difficult math.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said it had approved the application for a three-day visit, on the condition that it be low-key and without public political statements.

The visit has added to domestic tensions around cross-strait communication. The KMT has traditionally sought closer ties with China’s government, and its vice-chairman, Andrew Hsia, recently visited Beijing. Hsia was criticised for his 10-day visit, the second since a controversial visit shortly after the Chinese military drills that followed Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last year. Hsia was accused of colluding with an aggressive state, but he and the KMT defended the trip, saying they believed the trip helped reduce tensions. The KMT is seen as having a chance at regaining power in Taiwan’s presidential elections in 2024.

The KMT’s stance is in contrast with that of the DPP, whose current leadership maintains that Taiwan is a sovereign independent nation, whose people overwhelmingly reject Beijing’s plan for what it terms “reunification”.

Who criticized Andrew Hsia for visiting the mainland? They don’t cite a source on that, because it’s all just newspapers run by the US State Department.

Reunification is destiny. This is why China does not want a war. They understand Chinese people, and they understand that when the money is flowing, everyone in Taiwan is going to be open to closer and closer ties, then eventually they can come in with a great deal for a “one country, two systems” Hong Kong style arrangement, and push for a popular referendum, and get a clear mandate for reunification.

If the US had any basic sense at all, they would preempt a natural reunification by offering to surrender their claims on Taiwan in exchange for a big deal.

Like, there are real issues with the Chinese, involving Chinese investment in Western countries, involving one-way trade deals, and so on. The US could put together a wish-list of things they want Beijing to do for them in exchange for returning Taiwan, and China would sign pretty much any possible deal they could draw up.

We could have half a billion people driving Fords and talking on iPhones, if that’s what we wanted.

But that isn’t what Washington wants. Washington wants war. They want war because they are Jews, hellbent on world domination.


That’s the whole story.

Anyone who tries to confuse this story – Tucker Carlson, for example – is either very stupid, or they are lying to you on purpose.

This is so obvious.

Not one of these shills will ever respond to anything I just wrote above.

I’ve been saying it for years, and people continue to come back at me with “well, I think you’re wrong about China.”

Listen, faggot: if I’m wrong, tell me where I’m wrong.

But they won’t. They’re stupid animals who can’t process simple information.

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