UN Says Jews Commit Crimes Against Humanity, Rejects Goofy October 7 Rape Stories

When your rape stories are so goofy you can’t even get the UN to throw you a bone, you need to go back to the rape hoax drawing board and invent better rape hoaxes.

“Angel Face got decapitated with a shovel and then her head rolled past me” should have been left on the rape hoax cutting room floor, I can tell you that much.


Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes in the early stages of the Gaza war, a U.N. inquiry found on Wednesday, saying that Israel’s actions also constituted crimes against humanity because of the immense civilian losses.

The findings were from two parallel reports, one focusing on the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks and another on Israel’s military response, published by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry (COI), which has an unusually broad mandate to collect evidence and identify perpetrators of international crimes committed in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel also committed additional war crimes including starvation as a method of warfare, it said, saying Israel not only failed to provide essential supplies like food, water, shelter and medicine to Gazans but “acted to prevent the supply of those necessities by anyone else”.

Some of the war crimes such as murder also constituted crimes against humanity by Israel, the COI statement said, using a term reserved for the most serious international crimes knowingly committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilians.

“The immense numbers of civilian casualties in Gaza and widespread destruction of civilian objects and infrastructure were the inevitable result of a strategy undertaken with intent to cause maximum damage, disregarding the principles of distinction, proportionality and adequate precautions,” the COI statement said.

Sometimes, the evidence gathered by such U.N.-mandated bodies has formed the basis for war crimes prosecutions and could be drawn on by the International Criminal Court.

Among the findings in the 59-page report on the Oct. 7 attacks, the commission verified four incidents of mass killings in public shelters which it said suggests militants had “standing operational instructions”. It also identified “a pattern of sexual violence” by Palestinian armed groups but could not independently verify reports of rape.

There isn’t even a “pattern of sexual violence.”

Typically, I would probably go ahead and agree that “rape usually takes place during war,” because based on what I know, that appears to be generally true.

But this was not a war. It was just a quick jailbreak and a hostage taking expedition. The whole October 7th event lasted only hours. All the videos demonstrate that the Hamas guys who knew what they were doing were entirely focused on hostage taking. Some of them moved pretty professionally. It just doesn’t make sense that they were like “okay, okay – let’s all take a rape break.”

Furthermore, Hamas is an Islamic organization, and rape during war is against Islamic law. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that Moslems don’t ever rape during wars, but during a disciplined single day operation like this… it’s just not something that seems very likely at all.

And there is no evidence.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.