Cleveland Police Release Video of 12-Year-Old Black Terrorist Getting Shot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2014

Police have released footage of the 12-year-old Cleveland boy, Tamir Rice, getting shot. It is exactly what everyone who isn’t a retard expected it to be – he is going around the playground, pretending the airsoft gun is a real gun, pointing it in different directions and at people, and he then refuses to raise his hands when the police show up and gets shot.

Pretty cut and dry, case closed, kid was stupid and a terrorist and now he’s dead.

But I doubt the Blacks and their Jew enablers will see it that way.

The video is from surveillance footage and was released Wednesday.

The boy’s family is complaining that they shot him too fast, and maybe that’s true, but the fact is they were justified. The boy was twelve, and knew exactly what he was doing, terrorizing people with a gun that looked real. The decision to do that was his and so were the consequences.

Saying “oh they should have gone easy on him” is just more of this “oh Blacks are so pathetic they need constant special treatment, but also they are exactly equal and everyone just wants to murder them because they don’t like their skin color” gibberish.

I can sympathize for the boy and his family, because this definitely sucks for them, but claiming that this is some sort of racist injustice is just stupid. It is what it is. The boy made a very bad choice and now he’s dead. That’s life.