CNN+ Streaming Service Shuts Down a Month After Launch


This is embarrassing.

You don’t have to worry about me tweeting anything snarky, you stupid bitch.

I’m banned from Twitter.

Probably, people will be banned if they tweet something snarky about CNN, so no one is likely to do that. Criticizing CNN is a form of anti-Semitism, just like criticizing the Ukrainian government.

The Guardian:

CNN’s brand-new streaming service, CNN+, is shutting down only a month after launch.

In a Thursday memo, the incoming CNN chief executive, Chris Licht, said the service would shut down at the end of April.

CNN+ launched when its parent was still part of AT&T. It combined with Discovery earlier this month in a new company, Warner Bros Discovery, under the Discovery chief executive, David Zaslav, who had his own vision for CNN and its Warner siblings.

Under AT&T, there were $100m in development costs and some 500 employees assigned to building out CNN+. The service had attracted big names for its lineup, from the former Fox anchor Chris Wallace to food-media star Alison Roman, as part of the company’s effort to appeal to younger people with a streaming news service as cable news audiences age.

In his memo, Licht said consumers wanted “simplicity and an all-in service” rather than “standalone offerings”.

Discovery had previously suggested that it wanted to merge the new company’s separate streaming services, which include Discovery+ and HBO Max, into a single app.

Licht said some CNN+ content will wind up on other company networks, and the streaming service’s employees will get opportunities to apply for jobs elsewhere inside Warner Bros Discovery.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson is single-handedly making Fox News hundreds of millions of dollars with their streaming service.

Really, you probably could have gotten everyone to go along with this bizarro world Judeo-anal global warming democracy stuff – it just would have taken about 20 years longer than these people were willing to wait.

Now, you’re seeing a backlash.

It’s really the rush that killed the entire project. Feminism was going to destroy Russia in less than 20 years, but they couldn’t wait, so they started a war, which is allowing conservative forces to rally the nation around the flag and the church.

It’s not clear why they were in such a rush.