Coca-Cola Gives Employees a Course on How to “Be Less White”

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Daily Mail:

Coca-Cola is under fire for uploading a resource video encouraging employees to ‘be less white’.

Slides from the video went viral on social media late last week after they were shared by a ‘whistleblower’ working for the soft drink giant.

The slides appear to come from an 11-minute video titled ‘Confronting Racism with Robin DiAngelo’.

DiAngelo, an author and consultant, argues that even well-meaning white people are complicit in racist structures unless they actively work to be ‘anti-racist’.

Robin DiAngelo

One of the slides features the title ‘Try to Be Less White’, before another claims that whiteness is associated with arrogance, defensiveness, ignorance and a lack of humility.

Another slide states: ‘In the US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white‘.

It continues: ‘Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.’

Coca-Cola has confirmed that it uploaded the video to their ‘LinkedIn Learning platform’, but insist it is not a part of the company’s compulsory curriculum.

A spokesperson told The Washington Examiner that the video was accessible to Coca-Cola employees as part of its ‘Better Together global training’, which is designed ‘to help build an inclusive workplace.’

I don’t know what they mean by being “less white.” I have read all of this DiAngelo material. Literally, I read it. I mean, I had the eBook, and I skim-read like, most of it. I don’t understand what any of it means.

When you hear “be less white,” even non-liberals think, “what, you mean like, I should sell crack cocaine and do drive-by shootings? I should be really loud at Wendy’s? What do you mean by this?”

This is the actual summary, right here:

Basically, it means that white people should develop some kind of pathological complex, abandon their basic self-esteem, and deny their own self-image, so they believe that they are an inherently evil villain.

Robin says it’s a revelation, and the next generation will hear her.

Clearly, she has some kind of problem with her father. I mean, you don’t have to be a psychoanalyst to see where this psychopathology is coming from. But attempting to purposefully abolish one’s self esteem and total self-image is insane. What she is describing is attempting to give yourself a psychological breakdown by embracing personal doubts.

We all have personal doubts, these voices muttering in the back of our heads that tell us we’re not good enough. You could go into the metaphysics of that, but I don’t want to. Those mutterings of self-doubt serve an evolutionary function, to push us to better ourselves and to be something we can be proud of.

You also have this:

I have spent most of my life in foreign countries. I used to say “most of my adult life,” but it is now “most of my life.” I can tell you, that within 3 to 4 hours of being in China, you would understand that your situation and its experiences would be better if you were Chinese. I also had the experience of spending two periods a day at an all black school during my senior year of high school, and it took me about 3 to 4 minutes to understand that it would be better to be black.

What she is doing is exploiting the fact that most people are not familiar with all of the research that shows that it is a basic neurological function that people feel a kinship with people who share similar genetics. This is really, in no way whatsoever, a debatable issue. It is entirely settled.

You can read about this wherever you want, but let me just give you the first three paragraphs from a 2018 TIME Magazine article about a study on genetic similarity between friendship and romantic relationships:

You may have more in common with your friends than you think, according to a new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Your genes may be similar, too.

Past research has suggested that people tend to be somewhat genetically similar to their spouses and adult friends, likely because humans naturally gravitate toward people with whom they have something in common. But how and why does this subconscious sorting happen? Researchers from Stanford, Duke and the University of Wisconsin—Madison studied 5,000 pairs of adolescent friends using data from Add Health, a long-term study of people who were in grades seven through 12 during the 1994-1995 school year. They ran a number of genetic comparisons, seeking to learn more about pairs of friends and schoolmates.

Overall, the researchers found that friends were more genetically similar than random pairs of people, and about two-thirds as similar as the average married couple. Study author Benjamin Domingue, an assistant professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, says this similarity is strong enough to detect, but not nearly on the same level as siblings, for example.

There are mountains of academic research on this by sociologists and geneticists (as well as denizens of other fields), and it has been widely discussed in peasant media. It was touched on in the infamous 2009 “racist baby” cover storm in Newsweek Magazine.

As noted above, the jury is still out on how this process happens, but it definitely is not conscious. It is the result of a neurochemical process. It appears to be a function of the DNA to seek out people of similar genetics and build relationships with them. The basic assumption would be that the genes want to propagate themselves, and so people’s brains are told to recognize people with similar genes as people they should be connected to, and to help out. (This is why I support government money for aunties and uncles, cousins, or grandparents to adopt children when there is no option of the mother and/or father of raising the child; look up the number of serial killers that were stranger adopted – it is a staggering piece of data.)

As personal example, I am mixed Irish and German, and my best friend from high school and my adult best mate are of the same mix. When the relationships were formed, I was not aware of the background of either person, nor were they aware of mine.

This process is in degrees. You feel the strongest bonds with your siblings, then people with similar ethnic makeups, then with racial groups. Just to put this into further perspective, after the whole “stranger adoption” phenomenon blew up (something which I am aggressively against, by the way), governments started to have to legally disclose the origins of the children at puberty, because brothers and sisters kept marrying one another. There have been several internationally covered cases of twins separated at birth marrying each other.

It makes absolute sense, if you understand the internal system of kinship between kin relations, that brothers and sisters who didn’t know they were brother and sister, and thus did not have the taboos that develop as a part of socialization (in all cultures, due to the high chances of deformity from inbreeding), would end up feeling an immediate connection with each other and getting married. Just so, if you do DNA tests with your closest friends (which I don’t recommend doing, because this DNA testing industry is about the shadiest thing this side of the Texas power grid), you will find that they have a similar ethnic background. Note that this is only really an issue if you’re an America, as if you’re from Europe, or Asia, or India, or wherever the people that read this website are from (a surprising number are from India, actually), you’ve naturally got a similar ethnic background with everyone around you.

If I can go briefly further into another personal story, just to drive the point home here, I had a Korean friend in (X Southeast Asian country). He was the closest nonwhite friend I’ve ever had. He told me the story of living in Canada, where he briefly dated a white girl. He said that the relationship was sabotaged by his sister – who insisted that he date a Japanese girl! As most people are probably aware, Japanese and Koreans hate each other about as much as Iranians and Saudis, but as my friend explained, the Japanese girl was “from the same main race,” so the relationship was acceptable, whereas the relationship with the white girl was simply not acceptable.

So obviously – obviously – within a society that is a majority white, a child is going to immediately realize, as soon as it is aware of any social dynamics at all, that being a part of the majority group is better than being a part of the minority group, as you are going to have higher levels of kinship with those around you.

All of this is to say: what these people are calling “racism” is simply a biological function, which is hardwired into the most basic functioning of our neurobiology. (Obviously, “racism” used to have the definition of “hurting” and then of “hating” other people because of their race, something which may or may not be a problem, depending on the degree. The term has only recently come to mean “holding any sense of being a part of a group, if you are white,” and this is literally just purposefully inflicting psychological trauma on white people for malicious purposes.)

This “deconstructing whiteness” thing is a poisonous, hateful, catastrophic doctrine, designed in its entirety to intentionally hurt society. This woman, and all of the rest of the charlatans promoting this nonsense, are taking a known psychological and sociological phenomenon, things that we have ample scientific explanation of as being hardwire nature, and presenting it as evil. It is more predatory than any advertising campaign.

A point that I have driven all the way home since this entire “Black Lives Matter” agenda really kicked off about a year ago is that no element of this improves the lives of black people, in any way, at all, other than possibly temporarily inflating the egos of individual black people, and possibly giving them money (which they will quickly blow, as they have no conception of managing finances).

This chart matters:

Chicago saw a 55% increase in the murder rate as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement. Imagine the other crimes that increased during this period in the black community. This agenda is not only not helping black people, it is actively destroying their communities.

What would actually help black people would be to do something about the drugs, violence and single-parent home situations in their communities. I do and have always supported this.

According to CNN, I’m an evil person because I made politically incorrect jokes, but I am 100% supportive of programs that could, based on graphs and statistics, improve the lives of black people. We do not have a choice as to whether we live with black people, so it would actually be beneficial to me and my people to benefit them. The fact that their communities are riddled with drugs and violence does not make America a better country, and yet, all of these Black Lives Matter programs, if we are to look at statistics and graphs, are resulting in making the lives of black people much worse.

We have thousands of years of documentation showing that what leads to social harmony and widespread personal contentment is healthy families. If you wanted to help the black community, the first thing you would do is look for ways to cripple the ability of black women to profit from having children out of wedlock. Instead, our society is entirely designed to encourage single motherhood among all women.

The question becomes: why?

The basic answer is that Jews hate white people. I think you can go around in circles forever, and try to come up with ever more complex explanations of what is going on here, but you are ultimately just going to come back to the fact that these people, who have the most extreme in-group preference of any group on earth, possess a collective desire to harm us.

There was a guy with a silly mustache who lived a long time ago who said that. Ever since he took some executive actions to attempt to deal with that problem, we’ve been prevented from talking about it. But it is right there, for everyone to see. There are a few kooks with daddy issues like Robin DiAngelo who are being used in this weird agenda, but the anti-white agenda is overwhelmingly coming from an academia and a media complex that is dominated by Jews.

It’s unfortunate that recognizing the deleterious affect of Jewishness on Western society is considered anti-intellectual. But facts are facts, and the only reason you are not allowed to talk about the deleterious affect that Jews have on Western society is that it is so obvious, and so openly visible, that there is not really any viable counter-argument which does not eventually fall back on cartoonish levels of anti-intellectual nonsense along the lines of “white people are uniquely evil for vague reasons and therefore they shouldn’t be allowed to have personal self-esteem or identity.”

Manufacturing Discontent

Can we make some kind of critique about consumerism here? Is this its final, fatal form? The manufacturing of false emotional needs, based on an inferiority complex, in order to provide ideological products to meet these manufactured needs?

Is it ironic that the king of advertising, the company that convinced billions of people that they needed a sugary beverage (maybe with a dash of cocaine), in order to produce an unnatural, toothy smile on their faces, is now marketing this ideological product? No, that isn’t actually irony. What is actual irony is that they don’t make money from manufacturing the need for anti-white ideology.

The government, and the global corporate media complex, are threatening companies that refuse to engage in “diversity training,” and the diversity training ends up being this lunatic woman with daddy issues telling you to purposefully destroy your sense of personal identity for the purpose of enhancing the wellbeing of blacks.

Same old story. Coca-Cola advertising and cocaine. Strolling down the Broadway in the rain. Neon light sign says it. I read it in the paper, they’re crazy.

Yeah, suit your life, maybe so. In the White House, I know.

All over Berlin, they do it for years. And in Manhattan.