Colorado Teen Going to Jail After Cops Ask Google for IP Addresses Near Crime Scene

Kevin Bui

I mean, they stole his iPhone.

He probably didn’t have a back-up and he lost all his notes and all the numbers for his hoes.

Isn’t this called “justice”?

I get that it was the wrong family, but if blacks don’t want that to happen they should stop looking alike.

New York Post:

A Colorado youngster faces up to 60 years in prison for killing an innocent family of five by setting fire to the wrong home — in a barbaric revenge plot over his stolen iPhone.

Kevin Bui, now 20, pleaded guilty last week to igniting the late-night blaze in a Denver neighborhood in August 2020 after using the “Find my iPhone” app to track his stolen phone to the general area.

Bui, who was 16 years old at the time, was portrayed by prosecutors as the ringleader of three friends who plotted the inferno that incinerated the Senegalese family — including two baby girls.

Djibril Diol, 29, and Adja Diol, 23, and their 22-month-old daughter, Khadija Diol, as well as their relative, Hassan Diol, 25, and her 6-month-old daughter Hawa Beye, were all killed in the blaze.

Three other people broke bones after escaping by jumping from the second floor of the home in the middle of the night.

Surveillance video had captured Bui and his two friends wearing full face masks and dark hoodies when they set fire to the home.

Police fingered the trio as suspects after obtaining a search warrant to get Google to hand over IP addresses that had searched the home’s address within 15 days of the fire.

Asian immigrants primarily come to America to get their iPhones stolen by black people.

Sometimes…. things get real.

[Editor’s note: Elvis wrote the title. I wrote these stupid jokes, like I do in every article. I think Elvis’ title is saying something about Google spying on you, but everyone already knew they could search warrant for your location information. I guess the issue is that it’s such a wide net, to get all of the IP addresses within 15 days? Idk exactly what he’s trying to say here. The hilarious part is that the teen was using an Android phone because his iPhone was stolen. Apple doesn’t keep location data. If his iPhone wouldn’t have been stolen and he wasn’t forced to use some shit tier Android, he’d have gotten away with it… but it’s like an infinite loop, like that German show “DARK,” because he wouldn’t have been casing the house if they didn’t take his iPhone. Anyway, yeah, iPhone is more secure, but you can literally live without a phone if you just put your apps on your laptop. It’s not actually that hard, and it’s sort of cool and mysterious and no one can whine about how you’re not replying to their messages because you can just be like “bitch I don’t carry my laptop everywhere.” It ends up being like the 1990s, you know? It’s very liberating. Like stopping using soap.]