Connecticut: Catholic University Hired Deformed Freak as “Manager of LGBTQ+ Affairs”

People now perceive the Catholic Church as a completely homosexual organization.

Campus Reform:

One Catholic university has proudly instituted a new administrative role as part of its journey to achieve “inclusive excellence”– a manager of LGBTQ+ affairs

Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut recently highlighted its hiring of an inaugural manager of LGBTQ+ affairs.

Kyle Humphreys was selected as the inaugural LGBTQ+ manager at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. According to the university Humphreys “identifies as trans masculine and uses him/his/they/them pronouns.”

The school notes that Humphreys began the job on Oct. 9, 2023, “just in time for coming out day.”

Picture from the same university celebrating “National Coming Out Day.” The old fat woman in the middle is a “chaplain.”

“SHU is on a journey to inclusive excellence, and we recognize that many people in the school community identify with LGBTQ+ in various ways,” said the university’s chief DEI officer Maurice Nelson. “The manager of LGBTQ+ affairs is a designated professional who leads the new Sexuality and Gender Equity (SAGE) Center, offers resources and support to our LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff, and provides allyship education and community-building to everyone.”

Humphreys plans to “expand the world view” at the Catholic university “by introducing topics and people the SHU community may not otherwise encounter,” by both “programming and by speaking with students directly.”

“I’ve spoken in a couple of classrooms already, and I’m hoping to be invited to more,” said Humphreys. “We will have open, frank conversations about sex education, intersectionality, allyship and more. Of course, there also will be fun events like creative workshops and movie nights.”

Somehow, it just keeps getting worse.

They do the black thing too, of course