FIFA’s President Wants to Completely Destroy Football, Make Teams Lose Because of Fans’ Chants

Are you sure you thought this through, Gianni?

Football is a big business, and all the people who own football clubs, even relatively small ones, have a lot of money.

If teams automatically lose because their fans are chanting mean words, what exactly is gonna stop literally every team from paying people to dress as fans of the opposing team, buy tickets and cause their rivals to automatically lose?

The Guardian:

Fifa president Gianni Infantino has called for the implementation of an automatic forfeit of games for teams whose fans commit racist abuse after the “totally abhorrent” incidents at Udinese and Sheffield Wednesday.

Milan’s players walked off the pitch after France international goalkeeper Mike Maignan reported hearing monkey noises coming from a section of the crowd at the Stadio Friuli.

Coventry’s Kasey Palmer said he received similar abuse at Hillsborough and their 2-1 win was stopped for several minutes while the match officials spoke to both managers.

Milan’s players eventually returned to secure a 3-2 victory in added time but Infantino said there should be harsher punishments. “As well as the three-step process (match stopped, match re-stopped, match abandoned), we have to implement an automatic forfeit for the team whose fans have committed racism and caused the match to be abandoned, as well as worldwide stadium bans and criminal charges for racists,” he said in a Fifa post on X.

“Fifa and football shows full solidarity to victims of racism and any form of discrimination. Once and for all: No to racism! No to any form of discrimination!
The events that took place in Udine and Sheffield on Saturday are totally abhorrent and completely unacceptable. The players affected by Saturday’s events have my undivided support.

Gianni Infantino

“We need ALL the relevant stakeholders to take action, starting with education in schools so that future generations understand that this is not part of football or society.”

“This shouldn’t exist in the world of football, but unfortunately for many years this is a recurrence,” Maignan told Milan TV after confirming he heard fans making monkey noises. “With all the cameras present and sanctions for these things, something must be done to change things.

“We all have to react, we must do something because you can’t play like this.”
Milan and city rivals Inter have both publicly supported Maignan, Serie A said it “condemns all forms of racism”, while France striker Kylian Mbappé said “enough is enough”.

“You are very far from being alone Mike Maignan. We are all with you. Still the same problems and still NO solution. Enough is enough. NO TO RACISM,” Mbappe posted on X.

The FIFA thing aside, hearing people who, in their own lands, do nothing but slaughter each other with machetes all day because they’re from different tribes come to white countries and whine about microaggressions and mean words is just completely disgusting.

I believe the part about being a faggot is actually true