Cop on Cop Violence – In Vermont! (Wild Video)

Maybe the cops will all just kill each other and we will finally have freedom?

New York Post:

An off-duty Vermont sheriff’s deputy was shot by cops in Saratoga Springs after exchanging fire with a group of men early Sunday, police said.

The deputy was shot multiple times after he ignored officers’ demands to drop his gun, police and the local mayor said at a press conference recorded by The Daily Gazette.

Saratoga Springs police said the gunfight between the off-duty deputy and a group of men began as a heated argument around 3 a.m.

The deputy was allegedly slammed into a parked vehicle and pushed to the ground by three people at the corner of Broadway and Caroline Street.

He brandished a firearm as he brushed himself off and exchanged shots with another man in the group who was also armed. The two fired between seven to eight shots at one another, according to cops.

How did this guy manage to get into a gunfight on the streets of Saratoga Springs?

There are fewer than 30,000 people, and 92% were white as of the 2010 census.

That’s a long time ago, and I’m sure it’s less white now, but it’s not blacks moving in. The media/cops are not saying who it was with, but it pretty much had to be immigrants.

Nearby officers heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene of the shooting where they saw the deputy holding the gun.

The officers repeatedly demanded the deputy drop his weapon, body cam footage released by the department shows.

He refused to let go of his gun and police opened fire.

“By my count, there are at least eight separate, clear unequivocal commands to put the gun down and get on the ground,” Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner James Montagnino said at the press conference. “They are all ignored.”

Well, that doesn’t really matter since the bitch in the video I just watched was not saying “police,” and it wasn’t obvious in the dark that these were cops and not backup for the people he was already in a gunfight with.

He suffered 10 bullet wounds, though police said it was unclear if he had been shot 10 times since the injuries include both entry and exit wounds. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is listed in stable condition, according to WRGB-Albany.

If he’s in stable condition, then it’s five bullet wounds. You can’t take 10 shots from a 9mm and be in stable condition within hours.

Officers fired at least 11 times. No officers were injured.

A woman believed to be the deputy’s girlfriend suffered a graze wound and a man from the Utica area who was involved in the initial dispute was also injured.

In theory, if a cop tells you to do something, you have to do it, because the cop has a gun. If you happen to yourself be a cop and another cop tells you to do something, you have to do it for the same reason – because he has a gun. This is not complicated or controversial.

Beyond the gun, the cop also has the full force of the state behind him, and the ability to put you in a cage if you don’t do what he says. It’s just a practical matter.

That having been said, the aggressive cop that was yelling was a woman. No one respects a woman, and no one is going to listen to a screaming woman in a life or death situation where people are pointing guns. I mean, the guy was already in a shootout, and then this woman runs up screaming – it’s not reasonable to expect him to just surrender in that situation.

The bitch was not even saying “police” like you’re supposed to do when you’re giving orders. She was just screaming hysterically. Putting women in these situations is just insane. A woman has an emotional breakdown over a flat tire or because you refused to watch a movie with her; she’s simply not biologically equipped for anything involving guns.

What’s more, any woman who wants to be a cop is already totally emotionally volatile. Women who want to do man things have very serious problems. I think it’s completely bizarre when women want to play video games (other than cellphone crap designed for women) and I tell men this is a sign of serious instability.

Also, women who are into sports have very serious problems – however, that is more complicated, because with sports, so much of it is about “rah-rah cheer for the home team.” It’s normal for women to get into the rah-rah stuff, with the shirts and other things with the symbol of the team on it. This is basic tribalism. If a woman gets excited about football games so she can cook and have a Saturday or Sunday party when your friends and their wives come over, and the women all go in the other room and socialize while the guys watch the game, this is not abnormal – it’s actually healthy.

These women are doing what women would historically do when they would cheer on men for a war, basically. They put on the regalia and cheer.

Note: There is also potentially an element of women bullying men into being more aggressive. Most violence is ultimately perpetrated by women, as they are the ones encouraging men to “prove themselves.” In a sports fan situation, where it is not their own men who are actually doing the action, there is going to be less of this, but they will likely egg on the man to become more and more ostentatious with his displays of tribal allegiance.

I didn’t really understand sports as a kid, and just thought they were boring. Now, I do understand all of this psychology, and realize that I was being extremely anti-social by refusing to engage with sports. Particularly, living in Columbus, Ohio, I should have known about OSU football, and had some of the regalia. We had days in school where people were encouraged to wear OSU stuff before big games, and I never did. At one point I actually bought a t-shirt of rival team Michigan State just to troll people. I believe that this is all very primitive, but so is everything we do. Think about the obsession we all have with sex and food – that is much more primitive than organizing tribal/community solidarity around football.

Humans are more or less as primitive as any animal, and those of us with unique intelligence (all Daily Stormer readers are uniquely intelligent) are observing the primitive nature of other humans, but also of ourselves. Regardless of how high your IQ is, you like breasts. In fact, intelligence is often used in service of the love of breasts. Men make money because they want sex (and hopefully later because they want the results of the sex – their children – to continue on their genes). The reason you like breasts is that they signal that a woman has the fatty deposits to produce healthy children. The reason you want to suck on them is obvious and very embarrassing.

All that having been said, my original point was this: if the women watch the sports and talk about the different technical aspects and so on, then there is something unhinged and they are very dangerous.

Basically, women who take on male traits have a history of some kind of abuse where they feel a need to assert power. They view men as powerful, so they try to take on male traits as a protection mechanism. Generally, this is going to be a case of molestation by the stepdad, but a lot of times women feel abused from “normal” sexual relationships. Women constantly go around feeling abused in this society, they feel like everyone is after them and out to get them, because it is not natural for a woman to not be looked after and managed by a man. Taking on male traits is saying “I’ll be my own male manager,” and these women are always going to be even worse than other women.

Becoming a cop is the ultimate version of “I need male power to protect myself because everyone is out to get me.” You see the way these women cops are constantly in your business, getting in your face, trying to make a problem for you. What this is: it is the perception women have of the way men behave. It’s not actually how men behave, but these women view all men as bullies, so when they go to assert male power, they act like an exaggerated version of a schoolyard bully.

Continuing On…

It also seems worth noting, since we’ve entered hardcore “insightful and also pretentious sloppy rambling” mode now (it’s pretentious because I think it’s artistic), that the entire concept of supporting the cops is the same as the obsession with sports. Cops are viewed as soldiers defending the community. Even though they no longer are that, they are marketed that way, and there is also just a natural drive to view people in your community with weapons who are wearing official symbols as tribal protectors, rather than a gang. In fact, cops are a criminal gang, but you can’t really explain this to middling IQ conservatives who base their beliefs on instinct. The exploitation of instincts, you will find, is the root of Jewish power.

Among normal conservatives, the cops are viewed as community agents defending people from the tribal enemy, which is the blacks, who are viewed (correctly) as an existential threat to the order of society that keeps things safe and keeps the food and warmth generation systems working. When Ye came out against the Jews, you saw people like Gavin McInnes – who is a total Jewish shill – and people associated with Bronze Age Pervert – who is Jewish – going out there saying “hehe, this dumb nigger,” and then acting like Jews are white people. That is to say, the tribal enemy is framed as attacking the tribe.

If you look at the “Blue Lives Matter” protests, it is a majority women.

The others are going to be weak looking men and old men. These are all the people who feel a need to show extreme support for the society protectors, given that they are not capable of protecting themselves.

Young, healthy, strong men are going to be less into this sort of thing, because in a natural situation, they would be the ones doing the fighting.

And as we all know, this phenomenon was exploited to maximum effect during the Moslem Wars. The Moslems are the most obvious tribal enemy imaginable. Aside from looking completely different with their beards and robes, there is probably a genetic memory of the ancient wars with these people. This was exploited for 20 years by the Jews to fight their wars, even while the Jews were also bringing Moslems into America to displace us.

Luckily, this is not working with Russia. Russians are white and they’re Christian, and they are publicly stating that their problem with Americans is the fact that they are trying to push a gay child sex agenda on Russians. The people who are most susceptible to this tribal instinct exploitation are also not fans of the global child molestation agenda. Since the Ukraine war started, you’ve seen Republican politicians and people like Sean Hannity try to frame Russia as a tribal enemy, and people are just not going along with it.

It will work with China, however. There it will totally work, because Chinese people look very different. It more or less comes down to that, actually, because that is how primitive our underlying psychology is. In real terms, there isn’t any difference between the posture of the US government towards Russia and towards China. China also doesn’t want to be controlled by the US Jews, they don’t want gay sex and feminism. China is no more of a threat to the US population than Russia. Both countries are on the other side of the planet and trying to mind their own business while the US goes over there and harasses them. However, the Jews are able to get the reaction they want from their anti-China propaganda, and not from their anti-Russian propaganda.

All human experience exists within the same paradigm as animals, based on the obvious instinctive drives. That is, excluding metaphysical experience, which comes from a relationship to God, and is something that most people never experience at all.