Blacks Selling Magic Mushrooms in Stalls in New York Park

These niggas are not even American. That guy is from Ethiopia or something.

Is this the country you wanted to live in?

New York Post:

A half-dozen drug dealers are brazenly peddling psilocybin mushrooms from makeshift stalls in Washington Square Park — a new low for the beleaguered green space that has been marred in recent years by addicts, vagrants, and bloody violence thanks to increasingly lax enforcement, frustrated residents, and sources told The Post.

This week, makeshift tabletops draped with tie-dyes blankets and psychedelic printings were covered with the usual illicit fare of pre-rolled joints and weed-infused edibles — but also jars and ziplock bags stuffed with knobby, dried-out shrooms.

Aggressive vendors barked out prices of their trippy supply — “I got shrooms, $40 for an eighth!” one hollered — while stunned tourists, unsuspecting college students, and silver-haired residents navigated the maze of psychedelia sellers, amid a thick haze of ganja smoke.

A baby-faced dealer who went by the name “Euphoria” called out to a reporter from his bench-side set-up near the statue of 19th-century Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, offering $40 for an eighth-ounce of the strain “Penis Envy” that he displayed in mason jars for all to see.

The mellow interaction, however, turned violent when a photographer began asking about documenting the shrooms. 

“I don’t want to have to kick your ass,” the salesman warned, before bolting off with his supply.

Another dealer, who called himself “A.” explained that he and his partner began selling shrooms in Washington Square Park at the beginning of the year when they realized more people were pining for the funky fungi.

“A lot of people asked for them,” A. insisted, adding that the number of dealers openly hawking the trippy supply at stalls has mushroomed over the past two years.

There is no law in this country.

What right do the cops have to do anything to anyone when they refuse to enforce the law against people flaunting it in public?

We have a system where blacks are above the law.

No one is obligated to follow the law anymore, and the cops have no right to tell anyone anything.