Cops Stopped from Arresting Cristiano Ronaldo Over Rape, Court Transcript Reveals

Kathryn Mayorga claims Cristiano Ronaldo offered to show her his Pokemon card collection as a ruse to get her into his room.

I recently heard a long whiny thing about how Conor McGregor rapes bitches left and right and gets away with it because he’s famous.

Now we hear that Ronaldo is doing this too.

Ronaldo is obviously a homosexual, and McGregor might not be gay, but I’d be more apt to believe he’d raped a man than a woman.

All of this rape talk in the media is just a demonization of male sexuality, and an endless promotion of female supremacy.

New York Post:

Police investigating Cristiano Ronaldo over an alleged rape believed they had enough evidence to arrest and charge the soccer star — but were scuppered by a senior official.

Cops in Las Vegas — where accuser Kathryn Mayorga claimed the Manchester United ace had raped her in a hotel room — had even signed a warrant for Ronaldo’s arrest.

But Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson slapped down the detectives and declined to prosecute the case.

In a bombshell court transcript unearthed by The Sun, Mayorga’s lawyer Leslie Mark Stovall, revealed: “What happened is when that [arrest warrant] was submitted to the district attorney’s office, Mr. Wolfson declined to prosecute.

“He doesn’t say why he decided to decline and anything — any argument is just speculation. It was within the statute of limitations.

The police believed that they had a case to prosecute for one count of sexual assault and the DA decided not to.”

Stovall made the claim in the US District Court in Las Vegas on September 21 last year, but the transcript has only now come to light.

DA Wolfson is the top prosecutor in Las Vegas, which comes under Clark County, Nevada.

In July, 2019 after reviewing the police investigation, Mr Wolfson said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the allegations against Ronaldo beyond reasonable doubt, and no charges were filed.

The superstar striker has fiercely denied raping Mayorga at the Palms Hotel and Casino on June 12, 2009.

Ron, 37, settled with his accuser in a civil case where she accepted a $373,839.24 “hush” payment, but she is now seeking a further $75,835,200 in damages.

Maybe Ronaldo isn’t gay, and maybe he had sex with this woman.

But the story is that she went to his hotel room. I’m sure you can get the camera footage of her entering his hotel room.

That should be the end of it.

Anything that happens inside of a hotel room is he said, she said, and when what she said means she gets millions of dollars in free money, the situation becomes ridiculous.

Furthermore, if a woman voluntarily goes into a man’s hotel room, she has already agreed to sex, and therefore “rape” is impossible. Even if she tries to leave and he blocks the door – what goes on in a room between a man and a woman after she has agreed to go in the room with him is outside of the purview of the legal system. Or rather, it would be in any sane society.