Counter-Strike 2??

Counter-Strike 2 has been released by Valve.

They replaced the original, classic CS:GO team shooter on the Steam store, which is maybe a strange move. This is causing some drama. No one is able to play the original game now, and the new one requires higher specs.

There are several reasons why Valve would choose to replace the original game. Certainly, they would want to focus all of their energy on the new game, rather than providing updates for the old game. They would also not want to risk too many people choosing to play the old game instead of the new one, and want the new game to dominate the scene.

Presumably, the people whining about the new game replacing the old one are simply not comfortable with change, as the game is more than 20 years old. Before today, the game had not changed much in a decade.

The game has of course graphical updates, but is effectively a remake or an update of the original game. It’s possible that adding the “2” is part of the thing causing anger among players. The game maintains the same maps and simply includes a graphical update on the new Source 2 engine.

I have never actually played CS:GO with any regularity. I don’t really have the reflexes to be competitive in that type of game, and I just find it frustrating. However, I’m sure we’ve all spent a lot of time watching the game, so this is something of a cultural milestone.

Aside from the graphics revamp, the major changes are:

  • A “subtick” system that affects hit registration on the servers. This makes the game tighter and cleaner.
  • An overhaul of map lighting, including an all new shadows system. This will change gameplay significantly, as you will be able to see other players’ shadows.
  • An overhaul of smoke bombs. Smoke bombs not only fill areas in a more realistic way (instead of simply creating a circle), but can also be penetrated by bullets, creating “windows” through the smoke.

Valve tends to create good products. I’m sure people will get used to the new game. If there are serious problems, the devs will respond to them. I doubt there are any serious problems. Mostly, people are simply outraged that their routine has been interrupted. Some players will have to upgrade their computers.

People who don’t like it can go play Warzone with other gay retards.

My one hope is that the game will find a way to punish the Jewish wall-hackers who currently dominate the leaderboards.

0.2% of the global population, 30% of the top CS:GO players.

Yeah, okay. Sure.