Creepy Jewish White House Official Demands More “Russian Suffering”

I see this face, speaking for the American government, with the flag behind it there, and I just… I want to get drunk and go to sleep. I’m just so exhausted by this. Allowing a foreign people to run your government is questionable in the first place, but when that foreign people hates you, and uses their control of your government to hurt you and hurt other people they hate… it’s so absurd. It’s so exhausting. I am truly exhausted.

What the hell is this?

Who sees this and thinks it’s normal?


The White House wants to keep funding Ukraine in its conflict with Russia because it believes that in a year Moscow may be willing to concede to Kiev’s demands, an aide to Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, said in an interview on Tuesday.

Jon Finer, Sullivan’s principal deputy, discussed the White House Ukraine strategy at an event hosted by the Aspen Institute, an influential US think-tank. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden’s request to allocate over $110 billion in foreign security aid, including for Ukraine, was blocked from a vote in the Senate.

Finer made a case for releasing the funds despite Kiev’s inability to secure any major successes on the battlefield during its summer counteroffensive. He said he disagreed with the notion that the operation “not going as far as people wanted reflects some degree of Ukrainian failure.” If Washington keeps bankrolling Kiev’s war effort for the next year, the Ukrainian government will maintain “a degree of parity” with Russia, he promised.

“Another year of funding and another year in which Russia will have to suffer on the battlefield is fundamentally a better position than we are in today without that funding,” Finer said. “I think there is no way to dispute that.”

They told Fatmericans that this was about helping the Ukrainies, then they come out with this shit.

And it’s of course a Jew.

And anyone can go read about how the Jews feel about Russians.

It’s not a big secret.

These people are not compatible with leadership.

It’s not viable.

They are too driven by this esoteric internal agenda, which is not even a secret, but which they will destroy you if you mention.

It’s enough. It’s too much death and terror. No one wants this. We just want to live in peace. We don’t want to be involved in this endless, murderous revenge plan of the Jews.

We don’t deserve this. We deserve to be left alone.

Why are these people in our country, doing this?

Do you want your country’s foreign policy to be based around “making people suffer”? Even if it was our own historic enemies, instead of the enemies of this foreign group, would you want that to be the core policy? “Causing suffering”?

Who approved it?