Is Germany Ever Going to Get Independence from the US?

This is just silly at this point.

Declaring a national emergency to spend money on another country’s war effort?

It’s absurd on its face.


Germany may have to declare an emergency at home in order to provide additional assistance to Kiev next year if the situation in Ukraine gets any worse, Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned in a government statement to the parliament on Wednesday. The opposition has branded his plan “financial trickery” and vowed to never let it happen.

Scholz’s coalition government has just reached a deal on its 2024 budget following weeks of tense negotiations. The cabinet agreed to keep existing debt restrictions while cutting the operational costs of various departments and slashing certain climate-related subsidies. Further military and financial aid to Kiev was still named as one of Berlin’s top priorities, alongside Germany’s green-economy transformation and the strengthening of social cohesion.

“I will advocate sustainable, reliable support for Ukraine, because it is about the security of Europe,” Scholz told the Lower House of parliament, the Bundestag. According to the chancellor, Berlin plans to spend €8 billion ($8.63 billion) on arms for Kiev next year, along with an unspecified amount of money allocated for financial aid to the Ukrainian budget, and another €6 billion ($6.47 billion) to support Ukrainian refugees living in Germany.

I think he’s probably saying this in order to get people angry about it.

He’s a shill, probably because he is some sort of sexual pervert, but no man wants to go down in history as having done something like this to their country.

That’s why they prefer women leaders. Women have no concept of honor or legacy, and even men who do very bad things still have knowledge of these concepts.

Germany doesn’t really have any options. They’ve been occupied by the US military since World War II, and there is no way to fight their way out of that through the electoral system. The German political design was created, during denazification, to serve the US state.

But they must be tired of being the bad guys.