Crisis Actor David Hogg Tweets About His Father Working Black Ops

Popular crisis actor David Hogg appears to be experiencing some kind of revelation.

We were probably the first ones to note that crisis actor David Hogg might not even know he is a crisis actor.


He noted also that his friends are also the children of spooks.

Maybe someone wrote these tweets for him, with purposeful spelling errors (which are not normal phone typos).

Maybe he doesn’t know he’s a crisis actor.

But why did he do that spot on California indie local news months before starring in the blockbuster production “Parkland Massacre”?

Also, why is a 22-year-old man referring to himself as a “kid”?

Maybe he was MK Ultra’d and has multiple personality disorder, one of those being “Baby Hogg” the helpless child. Perhaps his hateful personality – AKA Boss Hogg, who decides everyone in America’s personal decisions for them – that we all know and love exists to protect Baby Hogg, the helpless child who thinks he’s not even a crisis actor?

“My dad is in the CIA” or “my dad is the leader of a prison gang” are stories children tell. But if his father is in top secret black ops, is it not possible that he would put his son in an MK Ultra program?

Is it even his real son? Or one of the Milk Carton Kids who he raised as his son and put through a mind control program to use in his crisis actor schemes?

No one wants to deny mass shootings anymore, because we’ve all seen what happened to Alex Jones for denying Sandy Hoax. Frankly, Parkland was even dumber than Sandy Hoax – although I do think people died at Parkland. The shooter is himself some kind of mind control victim, who spent a significant portion of his life in inpatient mental health centers, which are the grounds at which mind control operations take place.

Nikolas Cruz was a member of the JROTC. He was adopted, both his fake parents were dead, and he lived in an orphanage.

According to some reports by Hogg himself, he arrived at the school after the shooting began, then hid in the closet to record the infamous video about how we need gun control and diversity.

In the above tweets, Hogg claims his agenda failed, but I think he just means “everyone hated me, including people who support my positions, because I’m repulsive.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he was grown in an Axlotl tank.

His operation didn’t actually fail. Just like Sandy Hoax, Parkland fueled the gun control narrative.

Joe Biden is now banning invisible “ghost guns.”

If he’s going to ban ghost guns, I would request that he also ban ghosts.

The fact that David Hogg’s public tantrums didn’t result in door-to-door gun seizures by the federal government doesn’t mean it failed.

Joe Biden (or whoever replaces him) will probably try to implement the door-to-door confiscation thing, which was only a plausible scenario because of a series of ridiculous hoaxes (and the whole black crime thing).

Hogg was recently supporting the Disney agenda to transform all children under the age of 9 into trannies by the public school system.

Here’s a serious question: would you rather have your son killed in a mass shooting or turned into a tranny?

You all know my answer.


A reader posted a screenshot of something I wrote on April 11, 2021.

I think it’s pretty funny – and relevant.