Cuba: Three Arrested in Connection to Glownigger Plot to Sneak Weapons in from US

Is the US trying to overthrow Cuba again?

I guess the answer to that is probably “yeah – why wouldn’t they be?”


Cuba has foiled a plot to sneak arms and ammunition onto the Caribbean island from the United States, detaining nearly three dozen people in a broader scheme authorities say sought to destabilize its government, a Cuba Interior Ministry official said on Monday.

Cuba first unveiled details of the plot last December, when authorities said a Cuban man residing in the United States arrived on the island by jetski, armed with guns, ammunition and military gear, to recruit others and commit acts of violence.

A subsequent seven-month investigation, said Víctor Álvarez, a lead criminal investigator with Cuba’s Interior Ministry, unveiled a broader plan that includes participation by 32 Cuban residents and a U.S.-based group called La Nueva Nación Cubana, which Cuban authorities say continues to plot attacks on Cuba from U.S. soil.

Cuba said it had notified the U.S. government agencies of the results of the investigation, but said the individuals continue to act with impunity.

“These individuals continue to act with impunity in North American territory, organizing, financing and supporting activities of a violent nature in order to subvert the internal order of our country,” Alvarez said.

The U.S. State Department said it was aware of the most recent allegations.

“U.S. law enforcement prosecutes individuals based on U.S. law and does not take direction from foreign governments,” a state department official told Reuters on Monday via email.

Maybe they’re not trying to overthrow the Cuban government. Maybe they’re just trying to start some trouble, see where it goes.

But you know, Putin is in North Korea. He’s sending subs to Cuba. Saudi doesn’t want to do this petrodollar thing anymore. The Africans are rising up and flying Russian flags. Thailand is obsessed with anus, but Vietnam doesn’t even know anymore. Weapons are getting moved in and out of the Philippines. All of this stuff is lining up for a showdown.

The turd in the proverbial punchbowl, however, is that Bibi Netanyahu wants to use all Western war resources to fight his seven-front war in the Middle East. And there is no white person who can say no to him, because otherwise he will show them a pile of shoes and they will start crying and agree to all of his demands.