Anus-Obsessed Faggots Tell Hezbollah Israel Cannot be Stopped

Yeah, well.

We’re about to find out if this is indeed the case.

Bibi is all-in.

Honestly, I’ve always sort of had a grudging respect for the guy, and the fact that he is willing to risk the continued existence of his country by starting what he calls a “seven-front war” doesn’t do anything to lessen that respect.


U.S., European and Arab mediators are pressing to keep stepped-up cross-border attacks between Israel and Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah militants from spiraling into a wider Middle East war that the world has feared for months. Iran and Israel traded threats Saturday of what Iran said would be an “obliterating” war over Hezbollah.

Hopes are lagging for a cease-fire in Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza that would calm attacks by Hezbollah and other Iranian-allied militias. With the stalled talks in mind, American and European diplomats and other officials are delivering warnings to Hezbollah — which is far stronger than Hamas but seen as overconfident — about taking on the military might of Israel, current and former diplomats say.

The Americans and Europeans are warning the group it should not count on the United States or anyone else being able to hold off Israeli leaders if they decide to execute battle-ready plans for an offensive into Lebanon. And Hezbollah should not count on its fighters’ ability to handle whatever would come next.

Despite this past week’s plateauing of hostilities, said Gerald Feierstein, a former senior U.S. diplomat in the Middle East,“ it certainly seems the Israelis are still … arranging themselves in the expectation that there will be some kind of conflict … an entirely different magnitude of conflict.”

The message being delivered to Hezbollah is “don’t think that you’re as capable as you think you are,” he said.

Doesn’t everyone know that if this was true, you wouldn’t need to say it?

Remember that time Israel invaded Lebanon and got run out like rats?

By Hezbollah?

Analysts expect other Iran-allied militias in the region would respond far more forcefully than they have for Hamas, and some experts warn of ideologically motivated militants streaming into the region to join in. Europeans fear destabilizing refugee flows.

And if it looks like any Israeli offensive in Lebanon is “going seriously south for the Israelis, the U.S. will intervene,” Feierstein said. “I don’t think that they would see any alternative to that.”

Enough talking, faggots.

Bring your whole crew.

Bring your tanks, bitch.

My niggas rolling in the greatest war machine ever designed by human men*.

One struggle.

One truck.

Hail victory.

*I mean, if you consider the Japanese “human.” There is some debate about that, obviously.