Xi and Putin Propose Expanding Sino-Friendship Security Alliance to Counter NATO

Everything is going in a direction that is very good for Russia and China, and therefore good for every normal heterosexual on earth.

When you see the West pushing this three-front global war, you must understand: they don’t have any other options. The war front is the only place where they have any possibility to win.

China is absolutely dominating tech, and the relationship between Russia and China means that China has the raw resources they need to continue this march on the global economy.

China doesn’t have a bad military, but it is not comparable to the Western military at this point.

The only possible chance the US has to prevent a total Chinese takeover of the world through trade is war.

Unfortunately, the US foreign policy establishment is controlled by Israel, which is obsessed with getting the US bogged down in a massive “seven-front war” regional conflict in the Middle East, and West and Central Asia, which means that while the US is screwing around in the desert for the Jews, China and Russia can continue building their global alliance.

At some point, the East is going to get to the place where they have enough military might to push back on that front, and then the game ends.


China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin pressed their case on Thursday for closer security, political and economic cooperation between countries of the vast Eurasian region as a counterweight to Western alliances.

They were speaking on the second and final day of a summit in the Kazakh capital Astana of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), a club launched in 2001 by Russia, China and Central Asian states and now including India, Iran and Pakistan.

SCO members should consolidate unity and jointly oppose external interference in the face of the real challenges of interference and division,” Xinhua news agency quoted Xi as saying, warning against the West’s “Cold War mentality”.

President Putin, in his address to the SCO, reiterated Russia’s call for “a new architecture of cooperation, indivisible security and development in Eurasia, designed to replace the outdated Eurocentric and Euro-Atlantic models, which gave unilateral advantages only to certain states“.

Putin also hailed on Thursday the increasing use of national currencies – instead of the dollar – in trade between SCO countries and called for the creation of a new payment system within the group.

The multi-polar world has become reality,” Putin said. “More and more countries support a fair world order and are ready to vigorously defend their legal rights and traditional values.”

This idea of “defending traditional values” has become huge.

One of the biggest mistakes the US made was going all-in on a global social engineering program to force feminism and homosexuality on the entire globe. The theory, apparently, was that money drives everything, so these countries will go along with the gay stuff, and then: no two countries with gay pride parades have ever gone to war with each other.

The other thing was the refusal to help the economies of the countries that America dominates.

But they pushed too hard, and so many Third World countries are mad about the attempted Americanization of their culture. Africa is a good example. They’re not really relevant in terms of their militaries or economies, but they are relevant in terms of their raw resources, and they would much rather take Chinese loans and continue having heterosexual sex in exchange for access to their mines than go full anal with the American bloodsuckers.

Most of the Third World is going to rally around China. This is already happening. Europe is collapsing into its own footprint. People are not breeding, they are not rioting over the stranglehold America has on their economies, or the fact that America is trying to push them into a war with Russia.

Another important factor here is: I don’t think America has the readiness or the political will for any major war. So they failed to prepare themselves on the one front where they could actually win.

It’s really ridiculous. It’s at least as ridiculous as this ongoing epidemic of brother-sister rape happening in America.

That all having been said, I think it’s important to note that a lot of commentators appear to be going overboard.

I won’t name any names, but I listen to a lot of people, and I listen to a lot of Russia/China shills, and while Peter Zeihan is obviously a complete lunatic with his “China and Russia are collapsing in on themselves but also we have to destroy them because they are very powerful and getting ready to destroy us” bit, some of the Russia/China shills are maybe overstating the position that Russia/China are in.

As I have said: I think Russia and China are in a very, very good position, and I think they are going to win out. But the Whore of Babylon still has some fight in her, and the next few years could be very rocky. I think it’s important to remember that, and not just say “it’s already over, China wins.”

Right now, I think the most likely scenario is that Israel drags the US into a total disaster in the Middle East, and the US is so bloodied by the encounter that they just don’t have any gas left in the tank to maintain their empire. Everything points to that.

As an example: the US recently deployed and then quickly withdrew a bunch of mid-range missiles from the Philippines.

These had only been deployed in April.

Obviously, they deployed them in preparation for conflict with China, and the only reason they would pull them out is that they’re backing off of that plan, presumably because they know they now have to focus on the Middle East.

But we shouldn’t get too confident here. There is a lot that could still happen.

This Could Suck for Americans

Finally, I just want to note that the fallback plan appears to be for the US to build a kind of Iron Curtain around itself and some of its Western European vassals.

That probably won’t work for very long, but it will really suck for the people trapped in America. If the US does this, pulls its troops out of the far reaches and focuses on trying to build a closed fortress, the Chinese are not going to press the issue and will just wait for the thing to collapse from within.

Based on the number of junkies on the streets, the child trannies, the political situation: I don’t think the US Empire can last very long if it closes itself off, and it is most likely that some kind of strong man, probably backed by Silicon Valley billionaires, will seize control of the state on a populist-authoritarian mandate.

But this is all highly theoretical.

What we know is that things are not looking good for the West, but it is going to require a lot of competence on the part of Putin and Xi and their people to withstand this last gasp final assault.