Cure for Obesity? Scientists Use Gene Editing Technology to Reduce Fat Storage in Mice, Want to Try It on Humans

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2019

Dildo in vagina, Snickers bar in mouth — it’s all just masturbation.

Editing human DNA to reduce fat storage is easier than getting people to stop compulsively stuffing their mouths with junk food.

Study Finds:

Since the rise of CRISPR, the groundbreaking gene-editing technology that alters DNA sequences to enhance or quiet the expression of specific genes, scientists have sought out ways to use the tool to improve health conditions in humans. Now, according to a new study, researchers are able to use CRISPR to reduce the body weight of mice by a staggering 20 percent!

Perhaps even more incredible is the mice in the study did not reduce food intake or increase exercise, and yet experienced this very significant reduction in fat storage.

To put these results into perspective, the average weight of men and women in the United States is 197.8 pounds and 170.5 pounds respectively, with 40% of adults considered obese. Even a 10 percent reduction in body weight would allow a person to stay within a healthy range while maintaining their existing diet. Although results are preliminary, researchers believe that this work could lead to a successful human treatment that would reduce heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and other obesity-related diseases.

A dream come true for junk food companies. Consumers eating and eating and eating and eating and eating because they’re not getting fat and calories are magically disappearing.

It’s actually a nightmare for everyone else.

Storing fat is not a bad thing. The ability to store fat is not undesirable.

Civilization makes access to food abundantly available, but in the wild you don’t always have something edible at hand. Think of electricity. Calories stored as fat are meant to give you autonomy in a similar way that a battery is meant to give autonomy to laptops. The problem with obesity is that the battery is so big that moving the laptop around is not practical anymore and what was meant to provide autonomy has taken the autonomy away.

People can actually go weeks and even months without ingesting calories, depending on their fat reserves and muscle mass.

Fat is stored to be burned.

Reducing the human capacity to store fat would make humans even more dependent on what caused the obesity problem in the first place: cheap calories in the form of addictive junk food being abundantly available everywhere.

The less fat you store, the more often you have to eat to get more calories in. The more often you eat, the more often you need to poop. The more often you need to poop, the closer to bathrooms you have to be. There may come a point where the goyim are literally living inside bathrooms equipped with all-in-one reclining toilet-seat-minibar-fridge-computer gadgets.

Modernity is a hole. You know what they say about digging yourself out of a hole.