Cyprus Asks the EU to Help It with Accelerating Flood of Invaders

They’re gonna pay your pension, whether you like it or not

Don’t forget: white countries are still being flooded with the most brown people ever.

It’s not just the United States.

European leaders are obsessed with trying to start a world war with Russia, so this issue is maybe not as prominent as it was. But these people have not stopped coming, and there is a whole new wave of them ready to come as a result of the Jewish massacre in Gaza, which is preparing to expand its scope.

The Guardian:

The EU must help Cyprus deal with record numbers of Syrian migrants from Lebanon, the island’s government says.

Before a visit to Beirut to discuss the emergency on Monday, Cyprus’s interior minister appealed for support from Brussels, saying the country’s reception facilities were at breaking point.

“This is a cry for help,” Constantinos Ioannou told the Guardian.

“There has been a very sharp increase [in flows]. We are in crisis mode, reaching our limits.”

Last week 15 boats carrying 800 people made the 10-hour journey from Lebanon, leaving Cyprus in what its president, Nikos Christodoulides, called “a state of serious crisis”.

“Most of those 800 were young males,” said Ioannou. “But they also included nearly 100 unaccompanied children for whom we had to immediately provide guardianship.

“We strongly believe [Lebanon] should be financially assisted by the EU.”

An aid package similar to the €7.4bn (£6.4bn) pact reached between the EU and Egypt last month – also in exchange for stemming flows – should be discussed, he said.

I doubt this’ll do anything

While the idea was “gaining traction” within the 27-member bloc, Ioannou said there was still a way to go.

Christodoulides will press the case when he holds talks with the EU president, Ursula von der Leyen, in Athens on Sunday before flying to Beirut with his interior and foreign ministers.

The EU Commission put its signature to the agreement with Cairo despite facing fierce criticism from human rights groups.

The uptick in arrivals comes amid escalating tensions in the Middle East. Increased hostilities on the Lebanese-Israeli border have shifted the focus of Lebanese authorities away from curbing irregular migration and increased fears of a wider conflagration.

“Lebanon has 2 million Syrian refugees,” Ioannou said. “Authorities there simply don’t have the capacity to manage their borders which is why they need help.”

More than 2,000 people made the 100-mile sea crossing from Syria in the first three months of the year, compared with 78 in the same period last year, according to figures released by the Cypriot interior ministry.

Christodoulides said his government would have to enforce measures that “are not liked” if the influx continued.

The Cypriot interior minister said while the island was expanding its capacity to host refugees, with the help of EU funds, it also wanted Brussels to consider declaring parts of war-ravaged Syria safe for repatriation as part of a broader re-evaluation of migration policies.

“We think that 13 years after the [eruption of the] conflict we should re-evaluate Syria, look at safe zones there and legal pathways to relocate citizens to those areas,” he said.

“Refugees, generally, are totally misinformed by smuggler networks about Cyprus. They have no idea Cyprus is out of Schengen [the European area in which border controls are abolished] and think that, once here, they can get a train to Berlin.”

Yeah, it’s all the fault of Berlin. They’re the ones who made all of these offers to refugees about free stuff, in the same way Americans did. Berlin was at some point advertising this stuff on Facebook, telling these people to come live on welfare.

Aside from the British and the French, no one else in Europe is really that excited about this massive population transfer program. It’s mainly just those three countries, which are run by women, that really enjoy being buried in the genetic waste of the whole world.

Cypriots don’t seem very excited about diversity