Watch: Teen Punks Assault Uber Driver During Attempted Robbery

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that blacks are the victims and whites are the oppressors.

You don’t ever see white people attacking blacks on the streets randomly. But you have to remember: whites attack the emotions of black people by using microaggressions. This is much more painful than simply being beaten in the streets.

If you had a choice to have someone hurt your feelings with a microaggression, or beat you bloody in the street, which would you choose?

New York Post:

A group of teens attacked an Uber driving while filming him, breaking his nose and gashing his head.

The brazen kids — who appear to be between 11 and 17 years old — recorded the Brooklyn beatdown with a cell phone, said the driver, who asked not to be identified because he fears retribution.

“One was punching me and the other one had a gun,” the victim said. “He said. . .‘Give me everything – give me all the money.’”

This is the face of colonialism, slavery, and the Holocaust.

The driver had arrived on Alabama Avenue in East Flatbush to pick up a female fare named Precious around 7 p.m. Sunday and noticed a group of teens across the street, he said. He asked if they knew his fare and they said no, he recalled.

When he turned his head to look for his client — he was suddenly punched in the face through his open window.

“I didn’t see them — a surprise punch,” he said.

He got out of his car “to fight back” and “noticed that one of them was filming,” said the victim.

At that point, a brawl broke out and he ended up on the ground, where one of the punks hit him in the head with the scooter, he said.

The attackers scattered after a neighbor came outside and called 911. The neighbor also found the phone the kids used and saw a video of the victim on the device.

If white people want this to stop happening, they need to shape up, and do away with the racism.

Whites need to do more and more for blacks. More and more and more and more.

It’s the only way blacks are going to heal from the pain of colonialism.