Czech: Man Urinates on Holohoax Memorial and Gives One Armed Salute

Daily Slave
March 28, 2015

I laughed six million times upon viewing this photo.

Some might not condone this activity, but I personally find these pictures hilarious.  These Jewish Holohoax memorials should not be given any respect because they have been constructed off of a lie.  They should all be replaced with a statue of Adolf Hitler so Jews are made to cry 60 trillion tears for spreading all of these hateful anti-German falsehoods.

Daily Mail:

Police say there is little that can be done against a man who made a Nazi salute while urinating on a memorial in a former concentration camp.

Photos of Zdenek Appl, 24, urinating next to the Star of David at the Theresienstad concentration, were handed to Czech police by a disgusted former friend.

But the force investigated have admitted it may be difficult to take legal action against Appl, as promoting Nazi ideology is not illegal in the Czech Republic like it is in neighbouring Germany or Austria.

The Star of David is a vile symbol of hate commonly displayed by Jews.  I fully approve of this mockery.