Czech President Says to Treat Russians Like US Treated Japs During WWII

It’s taken a long time for anyone to say this aloud.

We knew it was already happening.


Russians living in the West should be closely monitored by security services, Czech President Petr Pavel has argued. He mentioned the treatment of ethnic Japanese by the US during World War II as an example of wartime security measures.

Pavel made his case in an interview with the US government-funded outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on Thursday.

“When there is an ongoing war, the security measures related to Russian nationals should be stricter than in normal times,” he said. “All Russians living in Western countries should be monitored much more than in the past.”

The Czech leader drew a comparison to the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, which he described as a “strict monitoring regime” and “scrutiny of security services.”

“That’s simply the cost of war,” Pavel declared.

The Japanese were actually put in concentration camps, just like the Jews in Europe. He is sort of right that this is “simply the cost of war.”

The question we should be asking is: how did we get to the point where we are involved in total war with Russia, and by proxy most of the world, as a result of a post-USSR border skirmish?

Why is it so important that there be gay marriage in the Donbass?

This famous internet photo is, tragically, the face of a Jap who was just told he had to ship out to the camp:

It will probably get to that level, eventually, for both Chinese and Russians living in the United States.

The Europeans probably won’t go quite that far, but who even knows.

The situation in the West is already uncomfortable for Russians and people with Russian names. Some of them have already had property seized without any form of due process. The US has made it clear that they are at war with Russians as a race, rather than simply the Russian government or military.

They just want random Russian people to suffer and die.