Daily Wire Made a Hollywood Style Comedy Film About Trannies in Women’s Sports

The headline describes the thing.

You can also watch the trailer.

This is done like a Hollywood film, which is relatively cheap to do these days.

They put all of their own characters in the film, which makes you wonder about the fact that these supposed news commentators are also professional actors.

The film makes light of the tranny thing, making it out to be just a big silly joke. This is the whole framing of the Jewish-driven controlled opposition conservative movement: “Did you hear the libtards are raping kids in preschools now? What a bunch of triggered snowflakes! [giggles, sniggers]”

It’s all giggling and sniggering and acting like if you can prove the left believes something stupid, you’ve won.

The film will likely make a lot of money. The Daily Wire has cornered the conservative market, because they’re the only ones who are not banned, because they have all these special deals with Facebook and YouTube to not only not ban them, but actually promote them to people looking for right-wing content.

Most people are basically retarded, and then see some ratfaced Jew saying “these wokies don’t know what a boy or a girl is!” and they’re like “this Jew is right! These wokies are so triggered! We should send trillions of dollars to Israel and fight even more wars for them!”