Jews Drive Truck with Hoax “Hamas Rape” Messages Around Vice City

I knew Vice City was trashy, based on some recent viral footage I saw of the place, but I didn’t expect to see Jews driving around trucks to promote a rape hoax that they invented last week and admit there is no evidence for.

This is way trashier than a fat black woman twerking, tbh.

New York Post:

The Israel-Hamas war is a hot-button issue in South Beach during Art Basel Miami Beach.

An anonymous group of Jewish artists, and artworld pros, have launched a guerilla art project that’s been popping up around Miami, aimed at amplifying the voices of Israeli rape victims from the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas.

Speaking of very powerful Jewish art, they should have Lou Reed sing a song about getting a blowjob from a tranny.

The roving works features bold white type on a red background with messages including, “Rape is not resistance,” “May your daughters never be raped while the world justifies it,” and, “The UN says rape is a war crime. Except in Israel.”

The project, “A Message to Miami,” has been projected on a truck traveling the city, on the Red Cross building and on a building at the intersection of highly trafficked Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue.

“So what have you been doing for work lately?” – “I drive the Jewish rape hoax truck to try to get people to support killing children. It’s sort of an avant-garde art project.”

Images were also projected during a Wednesday night party at the Bass Museum, but the pop-up project was shut down by a member of the museum staff within an hour.

We are told the interaction was not hostile, and the projectionist left immediately.

One member of the collective explains of the projected images, “If we had put up posters we have no reason to believe people would respect those posters.”

The anonymous artist, who said they’re a survivor of assault, tells us, “Miami Art Basel is a time where there are fellow artists, curators, fashion people, DJs and a lot of different industries… we wanted to harness that opportunity to say something.”

“We never expected to have to convince the art community that rape should be condemned, that rape is not a weapon of [resistance], or that it happened,” the person continued.

“Because the art world had positioned itself as inclusive and a space of activism and consent and language. I feel so let down by this community.”

The group is critical of organizations it says were slow or absent when responding to the reports of rapes that took place on Oct. 7.

The artist noted, “It’s the same beast as Holocaust denial, and it’s happening now. It’s a distrust of Jews and dehumanizing of Jews — and that’s antisemitism.”

It’s so hilarious the way the Jews are going all-in on something that is so obviously a hoax, something that we can effectively document is just totally untrue, and show a timeline proving that this was blown up as a PR campaign to try to get women (the overlords of Western society) to back killing babies.

Leftists don’t believe it.

So now is a really great time to show up at these leftist events, the protests, the campus things, and be like “lemme tell you about some other really silly bullshit these Jews made up…”

You feel me?

Where are the videos?