Danny Masterson’s Wife and Friends Defend Him, Plead for Leniency

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Celebrities did not go to bat for Harvey Weinstein. His own brother threw him under the bus.

Harvey was quite possibly the least popular person on earth.

That is another escalation in the case of this Masterson case. He’s not a repulsive troll, and he’s got all these people defending him.

If this was the first case of “if a woman says you raped her decades ago, you’re guilty,” it wouldn’t work. Harvey had to set the precedent – he was a guy no one would defend.

Now, the precedent is set, and young, normal, handsome Scientologists are going to prison forever on fake rape charges.

New York Post:

Danny Masterson’s wife Bijou Phillips told a judge she and their young daughter are “heartbroken” over his rape conviction in a pre-sentencing support letter.

Hoping to lobby Judge Charlaine Olmedo to opt for a lighter term, Phillips characterized her 47-year-old spouse as a caring husband and father who scrambled to make a living after he was accused and later convicted of violent rapes.

I can say that Danny has literally been a life-saving partner to me,” she wrote.

Phillips told Olmedo — who hit the “That 70s Show” star with a maximum sentence of two consecutive 15-year terms Thursday — Masterson developed a farm and vineyard after his career cratered.

After he lost his show and acting career, he devoted himself to finding other ways to earn a living,” she wrote.

Bijou Phillips

“He took classes to learn about growing grapes, wines and he became a sommelier,” she said. “He also studied the business end of it.”

(A sommelier is a wine waiter. Sort of archaic term there.)

Echoing support letters from Masterson’s co-stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Phillips stressed he was opposed to drugs and “never smoked a joint in his life.”

Despite the temptations of Hollywood, Masterson attempted to warn other actors of the perils of drug abuse and served as a role model, she said.

Yeah, he seems like a good guy, in Hollywood terms.

No doubt that’s part of why he’s going down.

He probably pissed off some Jews. The Scientologists have done this several times.

His absence, she said, will decimate their family — especially his nine-year-old child, Fianna.

“Our daughter and I are heartbroken that he is not home with us,” she wrote. “It has been very difficult without him here. Even though he is now in jail, he calls her every day. He helps her with homework every night. He teaches her math with kindness and patience.”

Phillips acknowledged the severity of the crimes Masterson was convicted of, but pleaded with Olmedo to take their family circumstances into account when meting out his fate.

We need him more than you can imagine,” she said. “I know he has been convicted of serious crimes. But the man I married has only been an extraordinary husband to me and a devoted father to our daughter.”

She married him in 2011, so ten years after he was alleged to have committed these rapes.

It’s just so crazy to even think about that – he’s been married and had kids and lived a whole life, long after the alleged crimes were even alleged.

Unlike his wife, these co-stars have no reason to vouch for him – other than that they legitimately care about him and know this is bullshit.

They are getting attacked over this.

It’s a big deal to go out and “defend a convicted rapist” like this.

I have big respect for Kutcher and Kunis after this. It shows they have real character.

Honestly, this case could lead to something of a backlash.

People don’t really understand how insane this rape hoaxing has gotten.

With Harvey Weinstein, they were talking about how he was engaged in this organized “casting couch” thing, and the public believed that this was what he was being convicted of. In fact, he was convicted (the first time) of “raping” his girlfriend, based on her claims that that happened. She admitted that they had sex that was “not rape” before that, and for years after that. But one day they were hanging out and he just raped her. She admitted she didn’t try to resist, and didn’t even tell him she didn’t want to have sex, but that she didn’t want it in her heart, so it was rape.

It was totally insane. But I think the people who weren’t following it didn’t understand.

With this Masterson case, it is just obviously insane. They’re saying he raped two women in 2003, at his house. They claim they don’t remember it. They are saying “I don’t remember what happened.” They claim he must have drugged them, but even if this was all just how they are remembering it, there is no possible way for even them to know if he “raped” them while they were passed out (that isn’t actually rape), or if they got drunk and “consented” and then forgot (because they were blacked out drunk).

These women didn’t report it until 2017.

There would be no way to find evidence of this crime the next day – when everyone was drunk and didn’t remember what happened, it’s all just theoretical.

I think people are in shock over this life sentence. It’s just… honestly, it’s hard for me to even put into words.

You should read the thing I wrote yesterday about this if you missed it.

Pomidor Quixote contributed to this article.