Cops Arrest Real Madrid Players for Distributing Video of Consensual Sex Recorded Without Consent

Spanish men have a history of getting all romancey and then being destroyed. You’d think they’d have learned by now.

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There’s a really easy way to not be exposed as a dirty whore – don’t be a dirty whore!

The Guardian:

Spanish police have arrested three unnamed Real Madrid reserve players for allegedly distributing a sexual video featuring a minor, with the arrests heightening the furore about sexism and male behaviour in Spanish football.

The players, who are not minors, were released following a court decision and after the data on their mobile phones was seized, police said in a statement on Thursday.

The case stems from a complaint filed by the mother of a 16-year-old girl in the Canary Islands regarding an alleged recording of sexual relations, police said. They added that while the girl maintained the relations were consensual, the recording took place in June without her consent and that she had recently become aware of it.

According to El Confidencial newspaper, the main subject of the probe is a player in the third team, who allegedly recorded his sexual relationship with the 16-year-old.

All three are suspected of committing a felony known in Spanish criminal law as “revealing secrets of a sexual nature”, a police spokesperson said.


It’s “revenge porn” with a very Spanish name!

Both laws mean “it’s illegal to expose a dirty whore as a dirty whore.”

Remember those feminist protest signs that said “teach men not to rape instead of teaching women not to get raped”?


At least they’re not being charged with “rape” because she’s 16. The Americans would try that bizarre game. (The age of consent in America is 16, at least in most states, but don’t ever try it – they will figure out some way to punish you. In this case, they would have charged them for “child porn,” and in many cases, men get charged for giving the girl alcohol. Of course, they will figure out some way of punishing you for having sex with any female, so maybe it’s a moot point.)

The Spanish are saying that there are as many as 20 players involved with distributing the video. It’s not clear if she had sex with all 20, but knowing what I know about women, I would assume that she probably did.

Just as women are obsessed with having sex with serial killers and spree-shooters, they are obsessed with trying to have sex with entire sports teams. There is a word for women who want to have sex with men who may kill them – “autassassinophilia.” There should be a word for women who want to have sex with entire sports teams – “multiathletaeophilia.”

In terms of the whole “revenge porn” (or “exposing sexual secrets”) thing… if you’re going to give women the full and total benefit of the doubt on this, then it has to only be valid when the video is secretly recorded. At least that makes some kind of sense. But if during sex, you’re holding the phone and she sees the phone and doesn’t tell you to put it away, I just can’t possibly comprehend how it can be a crime to share the video.

Why does she think you’re recording it, if not to share?

So many of these laws come down to “women are retarded, and it’s illegal to not treat them like retards who don’t know anything at all.” I’m actually okay with that being the basis of the legal system, but if this is the core assumption, then women should not have rights at all. Either they’re empowered and the same as men and deserve all the same rights as men, in which case they have to be held responsible for their actions, or they are retards incapable of any form of personal responsibility, in which case they can’t have all these same rights as men.

Based on the current situation, where women are advertised as being just as capable and intelligent as men, it is only logical that a woman is capable of assuming that if you are recording her during sex, at some point, people are going to see that video. Obviously, no man would allow a sex act to be recorded unless he was comfortable with the world seeing it.

In the pre-feminist era, there would maybe be an argument here, which would be “you should have known that women are retarded.” But everything in society, all the time, is telling us that women are definitely not retarded, and their legal rights are shaped around the assumption that women are not retarded.

There’s no internal consistency with any of this feminist stuff. It goes both ways – women have more power than they used to and they have less responsibility than they used to. It would not work to only go one way or the other, so feminism has to do both at once.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this report.