Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL, Says Ye is Right

It’s not clear what is going on here exactly, but Dave Chappelle went on Saturday Night Live last night and said that Ye is right about the Jews controlling Hollywood.

The infamous anti-tranny black comedian made several jokes about Jewish power, before doing some rather lame liberal jokes (apparently to gain the sympathy of the audience after these anti-Semitic statements), before closing by saying he hopes Jews don’t destroy his career for what he said.

Chappelle also mentioned the Kyrie Irving situation, and said that Jews are blaming black people for their problems.

What is not clear is why he was allowed to do this. The show is live, so it’s possible he just didn’t tell anyone what he was going to do, but it’s pretty obvious if you know who Chappelle is that he would do this. Furthermore, he’s lately been making various comments about Jews at his own shows.

The only explanation that maybe makes much sense to me is that some Jews – particularly Lauren Michaels, who has total control over SNL – feel like the Jews at the ADL are perhaps going too far, and feel like there needs to be a little bit of levity as regards this Jewish war against black people.

That said, if we’re being real, allowing this guy to go out there and say this does not fit into the agenda at all, and inventing a convoluted explanation just distracts from the core of the thing.

Chappelle read a joke statement at the beginning of the monologue saying he loves the Jews and denounces anti-Semitism. The Jews did not take that joke seriously, and they are not amused.

Meanwhile, every non-Jew (black and white) seemed to like the show, from everything I’ve read. That must scare the hell out of the Jews.

Meanwhile, the Jews of the New York Times claimed that Chappelle was mocking Ye and Kyrie.


You can watch the clip at the top of this page and see if you think that’s an accurate description of what happened.

All the blacks, excluding the most extreme bought and paid for house niggers, are coming out in support of Ye. Chappelle is the other most beloved black man, aside from Ye – beloved by both blacks and whites. We are experiencing a full-on black revolt against the Jews, and the Jews have no response to this. Jews have been promoting for decades that whites oppressed black people, and blacks are coming out and saying “it ain’t whites what did the oppressin’, Jews.”

Simply shutting it all down is not going to work.

It’s time for the Jews to come out and explain exactly what they are doing and what their plans are for this country and her people.