Democrat Calls for Biden Impeachment Over Endless War Against Russia

A Democrat who is opposed to the Anal Apocalypse War is better than a Republican who supports it.

However, it’s not clear that a governor would really have much impact on the war agenda.


Geoffrey Young, who is running for governor in the US state of Kentucky, has accused Joe Biden of committing war crimes in Ukraine and other countries, saying the president should be impeached for carrying out an illegal proxy struggle against Russia in the former Soviet republic.

I think Joe Biden (D-war criminal) should be impeached immediately for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc.,” Young said in a Twitter post. “Also for continuing the illegal proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. All US presidents since 1945 = war criminals (including Trump),” he added.

Young, an MIT-trained economist who has worked as an environmental engineer in state government, made waves last year after winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for Kentucky’s District 6 congressional seat. He vowed during the campaign to help prevent nuclear war with Russia by pursuing a “reasonable” peace plan with Moscow. He also called the Kiev regime a “Nazi puppet government” and said the CIA should be eliminated because it’s the “worst terrorist organization in the world today.”


How do we still have a CIA? How stupid is the public that they just let this go on and on, regardless of how much it costs us?

After Young won Kentucky’s Democratic primary in May, his party declined to support him in the November general election against incumbent Republican congressman Andy Barr. He alienated party leaders with his contrarian views, such as accusing Biden of recklessly provoking China, illegally deploying troops in Syria and Iraq, and making the US vulnerable to attack by becoming a “co-belligerent” with Ukraine against Russia.

Yeah, the Democrats are the war party.

Of course, Republicans are also the war party.

Basically, the wars against the Moslems were Republican wars supported by the Democrats. Now we have the war for gay anus, which is a Democrat war supported by the Republicans.

We simply cannot have these Jews controlling our politics. They destroy everything on purpose.