Democrats are the Real Anti-Maskers, Obama’s Maskless Birthday Party Proves

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What sort of psychedelic 1960s nightmare is happening in that video?

How is Obama able to shoot that electricity from his nipples?

Frankly, I wish now that I’d never clicked it, as I’m certain it will revisit me in my nightmares.


Former president Barack Obama is facing further scrutiny over his allegedly “scaled-back,” celebrity-filled birthday party, with footage of the maskless Democrat at the shindig causing massive outrage.

Obama is the latest Democrat to be accused of hypocrisy for seemingly breaking the very pandemic-era guidance he has promoted to the public.

The former president’s celebration on Saturday originally drew outrage when reports indicated the guest list was in the hundreds, leading some to wonder how such an event could be justified. Numerous Democrats and health officials have warned about the dangers of the coronavirus Delta variant and of crowded events being held amid lagging vaccination numbers.

In response to the outrage, Obama’s party was reportedly scaled back, though pictures of the event only sparked further criticism, with aerial shots revealing a massive marquee on the $12 million property in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and paparazzi photos appearing to show guests partying maskless. Proof of vaccination was not a requirement for attendance at the bash.

Even Obama was seemingly caught without a mask at one point, with photos and a video flying across social media on Sunday. Predictably, conservative critics were quick to blast the politician.

The original video was posted by musician Erykah Badu in a selfie video that has since been deleted.

The current US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice is that masks should be worn by both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in high-risk areas and indoor settings where there are crowds. While Obama’s party was technically an outdoor event because it was held in a marquee, numerous critics dismissed this as a loophole to get round the guidance.

It’s fine to note the hypocrisy.

The trouble is that rightists insist on mangling the process of pointing out hypocrisy with claims that they are the true defenders of leftist morality.

We’ve examined this phenomenon before in the pages of Hoax Watch, though we still do not have a clear grasp on the mechanism beneath it. But it has led me to outright oppose simply pointing out leftist hypocrisy, as I have found that there is no way to do so without conservatives declaring themselves the true purveyors of the leftist agenda.

It is safe to say that the Democrats do not believe in their own hoax. I think we’ve known that for a long while, though.

All the way back during the Golden Age of the virus hoax in 2020, Democrats were constantly being filmed in situations that according to their own religious dogma, should have resulted in immediate death.

The most shocking thing is that Obama is just now turning sixty.

I was certain that the man was well into his seventies.