Denmark Again Tells the EU They Don’t Want an Infinite Number of Monkeys

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2015

If it's Black, send it back!
If it’s Black, send it back!

Denmark strikes again!

The Local:

Denmark has no intention of helping out other European countries by taking in more refugees, Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen has made clear.

Following the UN’s call for “more solidarity” between European nations and a “more equitable distribution of refugees”, Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Thursday that Denmark would set its own rules for accepting refugees.

“We want to carry out Danish asylum policies. In this area, we don’t wish to choose the European way,” Frederiksen said from Brussels, according to news agency Ritzau.

Frederiksen was in the Belgian capital to meet with her European counterparts. The meeting came on the same day that a UNHCR spokesman told The Local that Europe needs to adopt an agreement that would allow Syrian refugees to legally cross European borders.

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With no sign of an end to the Syrian conflict, the UNHCR’s William Spindler said it’s urgent that European countries find a way to share the refugee burden more equally.

“The attitude now is to shift the problem to somewhere else. We can’t continue doing this; we have to show more solidarity within Europe, and between Europe and other countries receiving most refugees,” he said.

I don’t know how the Danes obtained these “They Live” glasses, but they definitely have them on. They are saying “Hey, yeah, no – we don’t want to destroy our entire culture and history with an unlimited number of monkeys from everywhere.”

The whole thing is so transparent, if you understand even basic facts. Under the present program of “anyone who is not living a good life in their own country can come to Europe,” you are literally going to have billions of thee people coming in, because very few people in Black and brown countries are living a good life. Just looking at the basic math of the way these people breed, and the way they will continue to breed, there is no option other than being completely overrun.

There is no finality.

Actually, there is a finality: Europe becoming a Moslem caliphate. But that is the only possible finality, and this is entirely obvious. We are being silenced, so we are not even allowed to ask:

What exactly is the plan here?

All that we really need is a discussion of that question, publicly, and then we win. Simple as that. But how not simple it is to get that question discussed.