Denmark: Journalist Woman Goes to Swingers’ Club, Has Sex on Live Radio

When I first saw her picture, I assumed she’s in her 40s, but apparently she’s 26

Don’t worry about turning into a fat old slob, ladies.

You can still get pounded at sex clubs, and it’s a lot of fun and really enlightening.

New York Post:

One radio reporter went all the way to get a scoop on a swingers club near Copenhagen when she had sex with a man she was interviewing.

Louise Fischer, 26, can be heard moaning during the on-the-record intercourse, part of a two-minute segment that aired on Radio 4 in Denmark.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier,” Fischer told the German publication Bild, according to a translation by the Daily Mail.

“My mother just thinks it’s funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool.”

The X-rated segment focused on the reopening of a swingers club named Swingland in Ishoj after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions — and Fischer discussed the reactions to her unorthodox interview style.

“Most of them were very positive, they thought it was brave and cool,” she reportedly said.

“Others think that I’ve crossed a line in journalism.”

A Thursday tweet from Radio 4 linked the segment.

“Warning: It got hot and wet for both our reporter and the guests,” the tweet stated.

The thirst is real

At one point during the segment, full of sounds of bodies slapping, the journalist asks the man she is having sex with if he can tell her what he’s seeing and he responds a “delicious woman,” the English-language Copenhagen Post reported.


Do you see what this is?

They are reducing humans to their lowest animal form. It is actually lower than the lowest animal form, because an animal will not eat more than it needs to survive or indulge in more sex than it needs to guarantee survival (nb4 dolphins or other animals that “have sex for pleasure” – those are clearly promoted for an agenda, but you still aren’t going to find any obese animals in the wild, and it is the same thing).

We are told we are going into the future, but we are actually just devolving into a consistently lower state. Marriage and monogamy were the future of mammals. It was going beyond the animal state into a more organized way of ordering society, which allowed for the projects of civilization (because people weren’t constantly thinking about trying to have sex with different people).

They are running us into the ground and enslaving us under the guise of liberation.